SICW Champ Kasa to Tangle With #1 Contender Heath Hatton!

In May, Jim Cornette (left) endorsed Heath Hatton as his SICW favorite.
In May, Jim Cornette (left) endorsed Heath Hatton as his SICW favorite.

By Ben Simon

“Ironman” Ken Kasa will defend his Classic Wrestling Championship for a record-tying 13th time this Saturday at the East Carondelet Community Center.

His opponent is #1 contender Heath Hatton.  Hatton’s last few victories have proven his worth.  In May, the Marion, Ill. native scored a major win in a battle royal.  That night also saw acclaimed manager Jim Cornette give his endorsement of the challenger.

Travis Cook, the mouth behind Ken Kasa, has been vocal about his belief that Hatton is a last resort challenger.  Indeed, the champion has passed the challenges of: Wesson, Powers (twice), Cruz, Eads, Dirden (twice), Hoffarth, and Jackson (twice).

This is Hatton’s third shot at Kasa’s gold.  However, Hatton has never looked better and presents a very real threat to the reign of Travis Cook’s meal ticket.

Also on the card: Daniel Eads vs. Ricky Cruz, Gary Jackson & Jake Dirden vs. Ax Allwardt & Flash Flanagan, Big Jim Hoffarth vs. Frankie Wyatt & Waco in a handicap match, and Mallaki Matthews vs. (the debuting) Red River Jack.

Ox Baker, the menacing legend behind the devastating (and deadly) heart punch, will be in attendance.  Baker will be available for autographs.

For advance tickets, call (618) 286-4848.

From My Perspective: Stroke Ain’t No Joke

By Patrick Brandmeyer

Now, as promised, a special comment about Saturday’s Dynamo Pro Wrestling show at The Sports Academy in Glen Carbon, Illinois, aka “Stroke Ain’t No Joke”.

“TNT” Keny G (previously the promoter of High Voltage Wrestling) suffered a stroke not too long ago and wanted to put on a benefit event to raise stroke awareness. Several local media outlets did interviews with Dynamo representatives to promote the event. As a result, attendance was definitely better than your average Glen Carbon card.

Not much was announced ahead of time other than Santana “Brittany” Garrett vs. Jordynne Grace and Ricky Cruz vs. Pablo Marquez (one of his old trainers). As it turned out, Marquez had to cancel due to a family emergency so the match was changed to a Cruz-Jake Dirden rematch.

Your ring announcers were Luke Roberts & Chris Roedel, your referees were Patrick Hook, Keith Smith Jr., and Michael Crase.

Executive Director Mark Bland introduced the event and brought out Keny G to speak on his recent experiences…I’ve seen several friends and relatives go through health issues in recent times so I know how important it is to be aware of these things.

Rocket Mapache vs. Danny Adams vs. “Elegant Assassin” Pierre Abernathy vs. Paco Gonzalez vs. Ballistic Brent Myers vs. Jackal: Adams and Gonzalez are trainees of new Ring of Honor Champion Michael Elgin; they made their debuts in the pre-show match at the recent ROH event in Collinsville. Myers has appeared a few times for SICW and this was his Dynamo debut. Pierre was one of a few representatives from St. Louis Anarchy on the card; he prefers to handle behind-the-scenes matters at SLA but occasionally wrestles for other groups. There were a few style clashes in this one to say the least, it had its fun moments (including some early comedy between Mapache and Pierre). Jackal pinned Myers after the Killswitch #2 in 7:00; Myers was up a bit quickly after the finisher, thinking that he’d won…no dice.

The Bumrush Brothers (“The Don Mega” Shorty Biggs & Outtkast) vs. The Viking War Party (“The American Viking” Alexandre Rudolph & “The Littlest Viking” Jake Parnell): This was presumably to establish the next challengers for The Black Hand Warriors’ Tag Team Titles. That would be pending another appearance by our esteemed champions…Michael Magnuson & David DeLorean have been tough to flag down for title defenses since WLW (where they ALSO hold tag team gold) has been a lot busier as of late. Oddly, I haven’t seen Rudolph and Parnell team up THAT often in this area (though they’ve held tag team gold in other Illinois promotions)…Parnell’s “Littlest Viking” styling seems to fit better when he’s hanging out with Rudolph. The BRBs were crowd favorites. Parnell got the pin on Outtkast in 12:00 after a combo move where Rudolph did a powerbomb as Parnell jumped off the top rope with a flying backcracker…ouchie.

“Showtime” Bradley Charles vs. “The Alternative” Brandon Gallagher: Gallagher’s a more established rule-breaker in Dynamo so SBC was the crowd favorite by process of elimination. Solid matchup. SBC won with a TKO cutter in 7:10.

Santana “Brittany” Garrett vs. Jordynne Grace: Karl Lauer from the Cauliflower Alley Club introduced Brittany, who recently received the “Future Legend” award from the CAC. Previous recipients of that award include: Trevor Murdoch, Takeshi Morishima, Frankie Kazarian, Cheerleader Melissa, “Superstar” Steve Fender, Chris Benoit, and Kurt Angle. Grace has been making a name for herself in IWA Mid-South in recent months, including a bout with LuFisto at their Queen of The Deathmatches event. Santana/Brittany had her first few matches in the St. Louis area with her father Keny’s High Voltage Wrestling…she eventually moved to Florida and has been competing in that area. Her resume includes appearances for the SHIMMER and SHINE promotions; she made a handful of appearances with TNA a few years ago alongside Orlando Jordan, then wrestled on last year’s Knockouts Knockdown PPV. Of course, she has become a regular member of the TNA roster under the name “Brittany” and is currently feuding with Madison Rayne. Despite her recent crowd receptions on Impact, she was the fan favorite in this match against Jordynne. I thought they matched pretty well together; Santana/Brittany won with the Shining Star Press in 6:42.

After intermission, Mark Bland announced Pablo Marquez’s absence and said he was looking for someone to “deal with” Ricky Cruz. That brought out manager Travis Cook for his only appearance of the night (none of his regular proteges were in the house)…Cook said that he had taken up a collection with his compatriots to pay the fine for Ricky’s actions at the last Stratford Inn event. Their line of thinking: It was a no-DQ match, so how can you punish someone for “breaking rules” in a match with no rules? However, the conversation gave Bland the idea to book a rematch between Cruz and Dirden for the main event…that’ll do.

“Walking Reality” Dan Walsh vs. Davey Vega vs. Steven Kennedy vs. Mike Outlaw for the HVW Livewire Title: For reference: Walsh won the belt in question at a Dynamo card on October 16, 2010. HVW’s last show was on April 30, 2011 and Walsh didn’t defend the title (he was in a battle royal)…so this was technically his first title defense! I had been thinking that Dynamo has enough people on the roster for a secondary singles title, whether it be a Light Heavyweight Title or something else…I imagine the Livewire Title was brought out of the mothballs just for this event since it was Keny G’s event. Thankfully the title is under the 1,370-day rule so he just barely avoided being stripped of the championship. Outlaw accounted himself well with three more experienced competitors…he’s done well in his first few outings. Vega hadn’t competed for Dynamo since holding the NWA Missouri Title. Walsh won with a new finisher (some kind of shoulder-breaker) in 8:16, continuing his near-five-year reign as HVW Livewire Champion (bwahahaha).

The Kansas City Killers (“The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt & “The Fittest Wrestler On Earth” Mark Sterling) vs. “The Yoga Monster” Mike Sydal & Brandon Aarons for the Pro Wrestling Phoenix Tag Team Titles: PWP is an Iowa promotion; the KC crew regularly travels to Iowa to compete for 3XW and other groups. Sydal & Aarons are no strangers to each other…in fact, they held the LWA Tag Team Titles in 2010 after upsetting The Hooligans. The crowd seemed a bit down for this one…I keep trying to figure out the crowd energy at the Glen Carbon shows and have yet to come up with a good explanation.  More open space in the venue than usual? I’m sure individual onlookers have their own opinions. Fine matchup, at any rate; Sterling speared Sydal, Wyatt dropped an elbow from the top rope, and Sterling got the pin in 10:55.

Billy McNeil vs. Gary Jay: Gary wore his “Gerald James” ring attire despite going by his regular ring name here. While these two have competed for the same promotions in the past, I honestly don’t think they’d ever faced each other one-on-one. This match dragged the fans kicking and screaming back in, so good for them. McNeil’s Spiral Tap variant hit raised knees and Gary finished with the Michinoku Driver in 13:18.

Battle Royal: You can go to the results page for the full list of battle royal participants. Several people had double duty with a few extra names, including new Dynamo trainee Sir Isaac. I didn’t know anything about the larger gentleman named Jonah Turk…from what I gather, he’s from Springfield, Missouri. The battle royal also featured a rare appearance by the elusive Armchair Luchador (last seen by yours truly at a Rampage Championship Wrestling card in May of 2009). For some reason, referee Patrick Hook entered the battle royal…and for some OTHER reason, he was thrown out of the ring by fellow official Keith Smith Jr.! I didn’t take down the exact order of eliminations…Turk was out first, but battles royal are tough to follow in general. It came down to a confrontation between recent rivals Walsh and Gallagher…Gallagher managed to eliminate Walsh, but he forgot about Steven Kennedy who dropkicked him out of the ring from behind to get the victory (no time announced).

“Dirdey” Jake Dirden & The Bumrush Brothers vs. Heavyweight Champion “The King of Chaos” Ricky Cruz & The Kansas City Killers: The scheduled Cruz-Dirden match never even got started as the two brawled around the ringside area for several minutes…then when they nearly made it into the ring, Wyatt & Sterling attacked Dirden to create a three-on-one situation. Shorty & Outtkast ran out to help and Mark Bland ordered a six-man tag match…okay then. Things remained unsettled between Cruz and Dirden…we already had a no-DQ match between them and that wasn’t enough to resolve the feud, so what’s next? At any rate, an Outtkast Samoan Drop/Shorty flying boot combo led to Shorty pinning Sterling for the win in 13:33.  So there you have it.

Elitism Triumphant in Best-of-Seven Series at South Broadway

Brandon Espinosa enjoys his victory over fallen Brian James on July 12.  Screenshot: Timothy Miller
Brandon Espinosa enjoys his victory over fallen Brian James on July 12. Screenshot: Timothy Miller

By A.K. Edwards

It may have been Christmas in July at the South Broadway Athletic Club, but the action inside the ring on Saturday night was far from cold.

In what was perhaps the most important event in SBAC history, Team Elitism took on Team Harris, the group representing respected Commissioner Jim Harris, in a Best-of-Seven series that would determine control of the company.

The theme of the night may have conjured up images of an icy winter, but from this writer’s point of view, tempers were flaring red hot from the opening bell. Whether it was Commissioner Harris bickering with the very despicable Sean Orleans ringside during matches, or Brandon “Espy” Espinosa addressing the crowd, trying to convert the masses to The Elitism–you could feel the intensity in the building from match to match.

Orleans and Espinosa, in particular, had plenty of reason to spew their propaganda. If the Elitism won the night, Orleans would take over as commissioner. While he would get the prestigious title and with it the power, Espinosa would undoubtedly benefit as the top dog of Team Elitism. Orleans may be rising his way up the ladder in the MMWA, but if you follow the strings attached to his back you’ll find the real puppet master behind The Elitism movement: Espy.

Espinosa and his band of thugs started the night off quick, winning three of the night’s first seven matches, thus taking a commanding lead in the race for control.

Newcomer Kevin Lee Davidson cast a shadow over the ring in his South Broadway Athletic Club debut, as he picked up the pin for Team Elitism in a tag match to start the night off.

Chase King and LaMarcus Clinton then cheated their way to a cheap victory over Gary Jackson and Johnathon Zulu, to extend the Elitism’s lead to 2-0. The crowd jeered and booed their disapproval of King and Clinton’s devious ways, but it only seemed to make the dangerous tag team that much more focused, and even more anxious to quiet the obviously pro-Harris fans.

In perhaps one of the more memorable matches of the night, and certainly most historic, MMWA Junior Heavyweight Champion Ace Hawkins successfully defended his title against Andrew “The Wolf” Wilder in the first ladder match in South Broadway history.

The action was intense, to say the least, as both men risked both life and limb to position a ladder in the center of the ring and climb up to reach gold. Wilder was inches away multiple times, and he certainly made Hawkins earn the strap. But in the end it was Hawkins, with the help of a low blow and other dastardly tactics, who found himself alone at the top of the ladder, as he reclaimed his Junior Heavyweight Championship gold.

To be honest, it was tough to determine who was in worse shape following the hellacious match, and that’s not even taking into consideration the state of the ladders–which were wrecked.

At that point, it was 3-0 Elitism, and Jim Harris and his crew were in trouble.

Whatever Harris said in the locker room during intermission certainly fired up the troops though, as Team Harris raced back to tie the series at three with a flurry of exciting wins.

First, Da’Marius Jones and A.J. Williams defended their tag titles against big Jackson Whitechapel and Orleans.

Then, it was Moondog Rover who got the best of Mephisto, who was obviously not as comfortable with the concept of a Dog Collar match as fan favorite Moondog was. Despite Mephisto bringing out a rolled up newspaper in an attempt to shame and beat the beast into defeat, it was Moondog who walked away as the TV Champion.

Finally, despite Barackus’ best attempts to wake up his claw and put Dave Osborne to sleep, Big Dave captured the Survivor Championship in a grueling 2-out-of-3 falls match.  Osborne had given Barackus his first defeat.

Tied up 3-3, everything rode on the team gauntlet match to end the night. The winners of the gauntlet, which featured competitors from each team competing one at a time, would determine who walked away from South Broadway with control of the MMWA.

J-Mal Swagg was the first entrant for The Elitism, but he was pinned after a huge leg-drop from Everett Connors of Team Harris off the top rope. Ace Hawkins then appeared in the ring for The Elitism, but he befell the same fate as Swagg, as Connor’s leg drop found him for the 1-2-3.

Down two competitors, The Elitism was obviously desperate as Sean Orleans made his way to the squared circle.

Rather than fight, though, Orleans–true to his loud-mouth nature–grabbed the mic to berate Connors, who was red-hot at the moment. The crafty Hawkins, who was still sulking at ringside, saw the opportunity for yet another Elitism cheap-shot and took it, as he bashed Connors in the back of the head with his Junior Heavyweight Championship title.  Orleans took advantage and went in for the easy pin.

The next member to enter the match for Team Harris was Webmaster Stevie K. The fall saw Orleans trying to run away and plead his way out, as Stevie’s power was too much for him. Outside of the ring, Stevie charged in with a high knee but Orleans moved out of the way, causing Stevie’s knee to collide with the ring post. Orleans took the opportunity to roll in the ring and Stevie was counted out.

The Elitism was now tied 2 to 2 with Team Harris.  The Elitism had regained momentum.

The crowd erupted upon the entrance of the Team Harris’ third entrant.

It was former MMWA Heavyweight champ Shaft, who was given a hero’s welcome into the ring by the crowd; he stalked and pushed the cowardly Orleans around before making the wannabe commish tap out to his ankle lock.

Shaft stood over Orleans victoriously, but that moment was ruined by Espinosa, who surprised Shaft from behind and then drove his head to the mat with a nasty thud that was heard throughout the building.

Perhaps realizing that the tide had turned in his favor, Espinosa took to the mic to preemptively announce the end of the Harris era, as well as predict a win over Harris’ last chance, Brian James.

Despite Espinosa’s strong words, James entered the ring fully backing up Harris, and it looked like he had a shot until a move from Espinosa found James staring at the ceiling with Espy above him ready to strike. Once again though, Espinosa’s confidence, if not hubris, got he best of him as he grabbed the mic from ringside and berated Harris, while pumping up The Elitism, as well as his own ego.

Before the crowd could catch its breath, the rest of the Elitism came running out of the locker room like a plague, and both James and Team Harris found themselves in very got water. Growing more confident by the moment, Espinosa told Harris that his time was up and that he had nobody left to have his back.

At that moment the doors busted open and Team Harris came out to equalize the situation. Both groups stared daggers at each other from outside the ring as Espinosa and James continued their bout. Espy landed a big punch, the Elitism erupted. James mounted a comeback, and team Harris cheered, firmly behind him.

Perhaps it was the spirit of competition that suddenly filled the room or sadly, perhaps it was just my own naivety. Either way, this writer believed, if just for one moment, that the night would end in the ring with a winner that clearly earned his stripes, while the loser could walk away with his head held high.

Ignorance surely is bliss.

Espinosa would tell you it was a coincidence–truth or not, but Brandon threw James into the referee, which sent the official tumbling across the ring, knocked out.

Espy, true to his Elitism nature, saw the opportunity to pounce and barked orders for his crew to attack James. Team Harris wouldn’t allow the injustice to go on, as they were eventually able to clear the ring and restore order back to a one-on-one scenario.

What looked to once again be a fair fight quickly disintegrated back into mischief, as Orleans attacked James from behind, which gave Espinosa all the time he needed to finish both James and Team Harris off with a wicked chair shot. Metal collided with cranium and Brian James went down.  Referee Nick Ridenour recovered to make the count.

It was a truly cold-hearted way for “Christmas in July” to end at the South Broadway Athletic Club.

Because of the stipulations that led to the Best-of-Seven event, Commissioner Harris is now contractually required to resign from his position. Control of MMWA Wrestling now rests in the hands of Orleans, Espinosa, and Timmy Miller (who revealed he was in the group after the match).

One can only fathom what that means for the state of the MMWA, but it certainly can’t be good.

“Best of Seven” for Control of MMWA Wrestling

MMWA 7/12/14

By Ben Simon

Control of the Mid Missouri Wrestling Alliance is at stake on July 12 at the South Broadway Athletic Club in a Best-of-Seven series.  All seven matches pit Brandon Espinosa’s Elitism against the rest of the roster.  The card so far is loaded.

First, Elitism’s Barackus defends the Survivor Title against Dave Osborne in a best-of-three falls match.  No one has come close to defeating Barackus yet.  Osborne says he wants to regain his spot as the dominant “big man” in the promotion.

Former tag champs Chase King & LaMarcus Clinton represent the Elitism vs. “Gorgeous” Gary Jackson & a mystery partner.

Elitism’s Mephisto goes hardcore in a dog collar match where only pinfalls and submissions win.  His opponent: Moondog Rover!  The ‘Dog hasn’t tasted gold yet; he gets his shot at Mephisto’s TV Title.

The MMWA Junior Heavyweight Championship will be defended in the first ladder match at the South Broadway AC.  Andrew Wilder will try to become the king of 220 lbs. or less.  Can he reclaim his title against Elitism’s champ, Ace Hawkins?

The main event is a gauntlet team match where a representative of each group wrestles until one of them is eliminated.  The process continues until all members of one team have been eliminated.  There are no tags.

The Elitism main event team is Brandon Espinosa, J-Mal Swagg, Evan Gelistico, and an unknown.  Their opponents consist of Brian James, Webmaster Stevie K, rookie Everett Connors, and an unknown.

If the unaffiliated locker room (Harris’ boys) wins the majority of matches, The Elitism must disband and all pending lawsuits filed by Sean Orleans against MMWA Wrestling will be dropped.

If The Elitism wins at least four matches, Sean Orleans will be instated as the Commissioner.  Jim Harris will contractually be forced to resign.

Bell at 8.  For advance tickets, call (314) 778-4833.

Keny Garrett & TNA’s Brittany Say “Stroke Ain’t No Joke”

Dynamo Pro 7/12/14

By Ben Simon

The Sports Academy in Glen Carbon hosts an important fundraiser and awareness event on July 12 called “Stroke Ain’t No Joke.”

When former area promoter “TNT” Keny Garrett suffered a stroke earlier this year, he had the idea to do a benefit card for the American Stroke Association.  Dynamo Pro Wrestling provided the venue to carry out the mission.

The lineup will feature a full night of matches, but just two have been announced so far.

Garrett’s daughter, Brittany, will return to her old stomping grounds to face boisterous Jordynne Grace.  Brittany, based in Florida, regularly competes in TNA Wrestling.

Ricky Cruz was surprised when his opponent was revealed to be his former trainer, Pablo Marquez of Ecuador.  Marquez has wrestled internationally and went by the nickname “Babu” in the WWF.

It is unclear whether the match will be for Cruz’s Dynamo Pro Championship.

What we have now is the most publicized independent card in Greater St. Louis since the GCW Reunion in late 2012.  Ring announcer Luke Roberts has gone on a media blitz, visiting numerous radio and TV stations and meeting with journalists.  Expect a crowd and get there early.

Bell at 7.  For ticket information, visit

From My Perspective: Dynamo Pro’s 7th Anniversary Event

By Patrick Brandmeyer

Now, as promised, a special comment about the Dynamo Pro Wrestling event at the Sports Academy in Glen Carbon, Illinois on June 28.

Pretty good turnout for the anniversary card…it sucks that this particular venue is hurt by soccer season forcing a layoff of several months in the wintertime. The lineup was hurt a bit by the absence of several key players, particularly Jake Dirden. The tag champs were also absent as Michael Magnuson and David DeLorean were at the WLW event in Troy, Missouri. Very little was announced for Dynamo besides the main event, but they posted a few matches last week. Jeremy Wyatt was posted as facing Steven Kennedy, but Kennedy wasn’t there so Brandon Aarons took his place. Rocket Mapache was scheduled to team with Dash Rando, but Mapache was absent so he was replaced.

Your ring announcers were Luke Roberts & Chris Roedel, your timekeeper was Ben Simon, and your referees were Patrick Hook, Keith Smith Jr., Michael Crase, and Jay King (Wow, four refs…that might be a recent record.).

Billy McNeil vs. “The Alternative” Brandon Gallagher: Dug the slightly altered look for Gallagher with the torn jeans (over his usual tights) and plaid shirt. Wonder how the fans with unicorn masks felt about Billy coming out in a gorilla mask for a change…heh. Gallagher wrestled in Mexico for the first time recently as he traveled there with The Hooligans, Alexandre Rudolph, and Jake Parnell. Had a hard time describing Billy’s finisher…it looked like he was going for an up-and-over flying headscissors from behind, but it turned into a top-rope double-kneedrive to the back instead of the front (like that Matt Sydal guy does). At any rate, it got the win in 10:19.

Executive Director Mark Bland hyped the card, mostly the main event…he brought out Crystal Yount as a member of Dynamo management and she acknowledged some of the people who have been a part of the promotion since the beginning.

Jackal vs. “The Fittest Wrestler On Earth” Mark Sterling: Jackal is one of those Dynamo originals; I haven’t seen him wrestle too often outside of Dynamo and (before that) GCW. Sterling got the win with an Air Raid Crash in 7:04.

Mike Outlaw vs. “Showtime” Bradley Charles: Outlaw made his pro debut at SICW last weekend against Dirden; he’s a Dynamo trainee and this was his first outing for his home promotion. This was a bit more competitive than last week’s bout; he has looked solid so far. SBC finished with a TKO cutter in 7:15.

Dash Rando & Cavana Fantastic vs. The Professionals (Shawn Santel & Mauler McDarby) (w/ Travis Cook): Rando claimed that Rocket Mapache had rabies so he couldn’t wrestle…that brought out Fantastic (also known as C.J. McManus) to volunteer his services. The match was long for something that would seem to be a one-sided affair on paper. On top of that, Fantastic dropped off the apron when Rando went for a late tag…that left the masked man to be double-teamed. Appropriately, it was a pair of Mafia Kicks that put Rando down for McDarby to pin in 11:25(!). Cavana cemented his status by laying out Rando with a post-match superkick.

“The Yoga Master” Mike Sydal vs. “Ironman” Ken Kasa (w/ Travis Cook): Interesting matchup here; was looking forward to it and I hope they get to face each other again. Almost missed the end as Travis got into a tug-of-war with Sydal over the yoga mat; Ricky Cruz ran out to throw the spiked face mask into the ring. Kasa hit Sydal with it for the cheap win in 8:44.

“The King Of Chaos” Ricky Cruz vs. Outtkast, “Hardcore Chaos” Match for the Dynamo Pro Title: Dynamo released YouTube clips of backstage encounters between these two to promote the match.  Ricky didn’t take any chances on whether the blood would flow as Cruz took a cheese grater to Outtkast’s forehead…eep. Bland tried to intervene when Cruz brought out the handcuffs again, leading to Outtkast accidentally knocking Bland off the apron and Cruz beating Bland down with a kendo stick. In the confusion, Jeremy Wyatt ran in to DDT Outtkast on a stop sign. That wasn’t quite it as they brought out the thumbtacks…then it finally took an Air Raid Crash off the apron and through the timekeeper’s table to end it. Cruz got the pin on the floor in 16:13…I wondered if the card was over at that point, but they hadn’t done an intermission yet and it took place after this match. I didn’t know what else was left (other than maybe Wyatt vs. whoever)…odd booking structure in that regard.

Brandon Aarons vs. “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt: Aarons had a competitive showing… Wyatt targeted the leg (as has been his tradition lately) and won with the Stretch Muffler in 9:54…Wyatt continued his bad-mouthing of ringside fans and that brought out Crystal (speaking for the company with Bland injured). She announced an impromptu six-man tag for the main event…

Outtkast, Billy McNeil, & “The Yoga Master” Mike Sydal vs. Dynamo Pro Champion “The King of Chaos” Ricky Cruz, “Ironman” Ken Kasa, & “The Rebel” Jeremy Wyatt (w/ Travis Cook): Wyatt accidentally BELTed Cruz and Outtkast got a pin on the champion in 15:32. Don’t know if that means Outtkast will get another title shot in the near future, but at least it evened the score from earlier in the night.

Hard to believe we’re halfway through 2014 already…the scene is pretty busy, but there are a few gaps in the month of July. There are no indy events next weekend due to the 4th of July holiday…the following Saturday, Dynamo has the “Stroke Ain’t No Joke” benefit in Glen Carbon and MMWA has their annual “Christmas In July” event with the big best-of-seven series. I may check out the WLW event at the Troy, Mo. fairgrounds on Thursday the 10th.

Good night, good luck, and #yaywrestling.

Cruz and ‘Kast to Rumble in Hardcore Chaos!

Dynamo Pro 6/28/14

By Ben Simon

The 7th Anniversary Event for Dynamo Pro Wrestling was supposed to be a time of celebration.  Instead, it may be one of the most violent spectacles the area has seen.

Ricky Cruz puts his Dynamo Pro Championship on the line against Outtkast on June 28 in Glen Carbon, Ill.  The match is billed as “Hardcore Chaos” and, like the last title match, will allow no disqualifications.

Outtkast expressed heavy interest in the stipulation, despite what happened to Jake Dirden on June 14 in a similar No Disqualification war with champ Cruz.  If you haven’t seen it, take a moment.

With Dirden handcuffed to a turnbuckle, Cruz purposefully knocks out both referees, attacks Dirden with the belt, and threatens to cut the St. Louisan’s hair.

Executive Director Mark Bland intervenes and lands some punches on Cruz before Bland himself is leveled with a kendo stick.  The match has no means to finish; it is called a No Contest.

Ricky Cruz comments on his actions on June 14 (explicit language)

It was Outtkast and Shorty Biggs that chased off the man who now calls himself “The King of Chaos,” Ricky Cruz.  Outtkast gets an opportunity to stop Cruz and win the title in Cruz’s third defense.

However, by sanctioning the same stipulation with a maniac like Ricky Cruz, is Executive Director Mark Bland overlooking the safety of his referees and other personnel?  Bland must exercise caution to not get too involved, physically or mentally.

Bell at 8.  For ticket information, visit

From My Perspective: SICW’s June Recap

By Patrick Brandmeyer

It was another full house for SICW…that’s par for the course nowadays, but probably helped by the presence of “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase as a special guest. He was being inducted into the St. Louis Wrestling Hall of Fame along with posthumous inductions of Rip Hawk and Wilbur Snyder. A lot of people were in line for autographs before the show and during the first intermission. The estimated attendance was 325.

Unfortunately, two of my friends didn’t have the best experience with the autograph signing. None of us were too clear on the setup and pricing; Jim Cornette was particularly sociable last month and I think we were expecting the same setup. It sounded like DiBiase had a busy weekend and he seemed fairly subdued during the in-ring interview (I had trouble hearing him over the fan chatter), so maybe he was tired…I don’t know. My friends left before the official start of the show, sorry to say. I only briefly got to meet him and shake his hand late in the show, so I’m probably not the best judge on this matter.

Your ring announcer was Drew Abbenhaus; your referees were Keith Smith Jr. and Jay King.

Joker vs. Dark Secret: This wasn’t exactly a fast-paced opener, but obviously it wasn’t supposed to be. They kept it basic (there were some comedic moments) and it worked for what it was. Joker showed some rare technical acumen with a backslide pin in 5:28.

Outtkast vs. Ax (Allwardt): It was a surprise to see Outtkast make his SICW debut, though his tag partner Shorty Biggs has been a part of the roster for a while.  Outtkast showed a bit more of his technical side in this match and looked good doing it.  ‘Kast’s streak of hitting his corkscrew moonsault senton ended at one…after that, Ax got the win with the small package driver at 7:21.

“The Old School Warrior” Chaz Wesson vs. Frankie “The Thumper” Wyatt: Some of the top matches on the card seemed to have the vibe of old guard vs. new guard and this was one of those matches. This was one of a few matches on the show that was oddly short (i.e. under five minutes).  Doing a sunset flip off the top rope seemed like a bad idea in theory on an opponent as large as Frank Wyatt…but it worked in this case and Chaz got the win in 3:26.

Promoter Herb Simmons interviewed Ted DiBiase in the ring prior to the first intermission; as I noted, I had trouble hearing him so hopefully the TV airing will be a bit more audible. He brought out the Million Dollar Belt for in-ring pictures during the first intermission.

“Dirdey” Jake Dirden vs. Mike Outlaw: this was Dynamo trainee Outlaw’s singles pro debut.  He hit some good-looking token offense, but otherwise it was fairly one-sided in favor of Dirden. Dirden had some near-misses against Classic Champion Ken Kasa in recent months…perhaps he’ll go back after that belt in the near future. Outlaw escaped a chokeslam attempt but got caught in the Asiatic Spike for the submission in 2:01.

“The Don Mega” Shorty Biggs vs. “The Iceman” (Howard Moritz): This initially threatened to break down into a dance contest, but it turned into a more standard contest after that.  Hadn’t seen much of Iceman until recently but he’s an entertaining man. Shorty won via Shortcut in 7:45.

“Night Train/Great One/Gorgeous” Gary Jackson vs. Bull Bronson(w/ Travis Cook): Due to multiple unprovoked (*snicker*) attacks on his person as of late, Travis has hired Bronson as a bodyguard of sorts. Gary had an uphill battle in this one; it was similar to the match he had with Barackus at MMWA in that regard. Wasn’t sure who would win this one…as it turned out, it ended in a DQ when Bronson threw Gary over the top rope in 4:31. This issue isn’t over yet…

Big Jim Hoffarth vs. Flash Flanagan: This stemmed from Hoffarth running off Flanagan during last month’s Ron Powers-Ricky Cruz match; Flanagan eliminated Hoffarth from the battle royal at the end of the night, then Hoffarth pulled Flash to the floor to eliminate HIM. It didn’t take long for this one to break down into a fight…it went out of the ring and back into the ring a few times. Finally they took it to the floor for good and they were both counted out at 3:32. This feud…MUST CONTINUE~!

Heath Hatton & “The Man of Tomorrow” Daniel Eads vs. Classic Champion “Ironman” Ken Kasa & “The King Of Chaos” Ricky Cruz (w/ Travis Cook): Hatton had a few previous run-ins with Kasa and he had a non-title bout with Ricky when they were both fan favorites. I think Eads faced Kasa at the Belleville show last year. This main event was a case of the young guns targeting the established guys in the promotion…it was a solid tag match and the fans were into it. Eads took out Ricky with a step-up Superman Punch outside the ring, then Hatton took Kasa down into the Crippler Crossface…with Cruz out of position to break up the hold, Kasa was forced to tap out in 16:23…Kasa is still the champion, but Hatton has put himself in line for a title shot at the July show.

Ted DiBiase Headlines Hall of Fame Class in East Carondelet

2014 HOF


By Ben Simon

“The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase will receive his St. Louis Wrestling Hall of Fame plaque June 21 at SICW’s event at the East Carondelet Community Center.

Posthumous inductions include Rip Hawk and Wilbur Snyder.  The trio will be the first St. Louis Hall inductees since 2010.  The Hall honors wrestlers and non-participants who made it it big here in the days of the National Wrestling Association and the classic National Wrestling Alliance.

The St. Louis Wrestling Hall of Fame plaques are on display at the city’s most popular independent wrestling venue, the South Broadway Athletic Club.

The full card is set for the evening.  The main event pits Ken Kasa & Ricky Cruz against Heath Hatton & Daniel Eads.  Hatton won the 14-man battle royal last month.  Kasa has surpassed the one year anniversary of his Classic Wrestling Title reign.

Also, Gary Jackson vs. Bull Bronson, Big Jim Hoffarth vs. Flash Flanagan, Chaz Wesson vs. Frankie Wyatt, and Shorty Biggs vs. “The Iceman” Howard Moritz.

For advance tickets, call (618) 286-4848.

Father’s Day: A Time for… Warfare?

By Ben Simon

MMWA 6/14/14Dynamo Pro 6/14/14

This Saturday, June 14, fathers and sons in Greater St. Louis will treat themselves to either of the dynamic pro wrestling cards in our region.  As always, the decision as to which to attend is difficult.

MMWA Wrestling in Soulard

On June 14 at the South Broadway Athletic Club in Saint Louis, two rivals meet in a tag team match with combustible elements.

MMWA Heavyweight Champion Brandon Espinosa and his Elitism stablemate, Chase King, will take on Brian James and rookie Everett Connors in the main event.

Also, the reactivated MMWA Tag Team Championship is on the line when Elitism-affiliated Jackson Whitechapel and Sean Orleans defend against A.J. Williams and Da’Marius Jones.

Bell at 8.  For advance tickets, call (314) 778-4833.

Dynamo Pro Wrestling in Fenton

Ricky Cruz once said that he had the Dynamo Pro Championship coming to him; it was inevitable.  Once he got that opportunity at Jake Dirden, he made the most of it and is now the champ.

On June 14 at the Stratford Bar & Grill in Fenton, Dirden will get his rematch for the title.  “Dirdey” Jake has been unstoppable on Missouri turf in 2014.  Will he continue the trend?

The bout with Dirden is Cruz’s second defense.  Ricky’s last outing was a victory over Alexandre Rudolph at Off Broadway.

Bell at 7.  For ticket information, visit




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