Ken Patera Comes to SBAC to Headline STL Hall of Fame Class, July 11

MMWA July 2015

The St. Louis Wrestling Hall of Fame Class of 2015 will begin inductions on July 11 at the South Broadway Athletic Club.  Ken Patera and Joe Tangaro will be inducted, with Patera in attendance.  Ed Smith and Bill Apter will be inducted later in the year.

After celebrating the past, enjoy the matches.  This is what is scheduled so far.

MMWA Heavyweight Championship
A.J. Williams (c) vs. Da’Marius Jones

MMWA Junior Heavyweight Championship – Title vs. Hair
Everett Connors (c) vs. Sean Orleans

MMWA Tag Team Championship
Brandon Espinosa & Ace Hawkins (c) vs. The St. Louis Connection (Andrew Wilder & Johnathon Zulu)

Tickets are $8.  Bell at 8.  Join the SBAC at 7 for a screening of KPLR’s 1999 documentary “Wrestling at the Chase: A Look Back.”

WLW Tag Title to Finally be Decided in Troy, June 26

WLW June 2015

This Friday at the Race Wrestling Arena in Troy, Mo., the tag title tournament final match will happen.  The straps have been vacant since former champs Jack Gamble & Jon Webb traveled Japan for a three-month tour.

WLW Heavyweight Championship
#4Leland Race (c) vs. Dustin Bozworth

WLW Tag Team Championship tournament final
Brandon Espinosa (subbing for Kyle Roberts) & Justin D’Air vs. Dave DeLorean & Jayden Fenix

WLW Ladies Championship
Stacey O’Brien (c) vs. “Miss Natural” Heather Patera

Bell at 7.  Tickets are $10.

Can Ron Powers Prove he’s Not Red River Jack… When he Teams with him, June 20?

SICW June 2015

The East Carondelet Community Center hosts SICW Wrestling Explosion this Saturday, June 20.  See Ron Powers team with the undefeated masked man, Red River Jack, as they face Hargas & Bronson of the Travis Cook Organization.

Powers has been reluctant to address the rumors that he is Red River Jack.  Speculation says that Powers debuted the RRJ persona to avoid his suspension in 2014.  Will Powers prove the two are separate?

Classic Wrestling Championship
Flash Flanagan (c) vs. Chaz Wesson

Ron Powers & Red River Jack vs. Chris Hargas & Bull Bronson
Ricky Cruz vs. Attila Khan
Sean Vincent vs. Curtis Wylde

Bell at 8.  Tickets are $12.

Dynamo Pro’s Post-Bland Era Begins in Glen Carbon, June 19

Dynamo Pro June 19 2015

The Sports Academy in Glen Carbon hosts Dynamo Pro Wrestling this Friday night, June 19.  Mike Outlaw will probably be there seeking a title rematch against Jake Dirden.

Outlaw’s title aspirations are looking better, since former Executive Director Mark Bland was fired last week.

In Fenton on the 13th, Bland stopped the main event in favor of Jake Dirden.  Dirden retained his title and Mike Outlaw was screwed.

IWRG Rey del Ring Championship
Ricky Cruz (c) vs. Paco Gonzalez

Mike Outlaw, Keon Option, & Justin D’Air vs. Jake Dirden & The Black Hand Warriors (Michael Magnuson & Dave DeLorean)

Bell at 8.  Tickets are $12.

Mike Outlaw Steps Up to Answer Jake Dirden’s Open Challenge, June 13

Dynamo Pro June 2015

Dynamo Pro Wrestling comes to the Stratford Bar & Grill in Fenton this Saturday, June 13, for a main event that shouldn’t be missed.  Two of MWR’s Missouri Top 10 meet in the main event for the Dynamo Pro title.

Dynamo Pro Championship
#1Jake Dirden (c) vs. #6Mike Outlaw

Dynamo Pro Tag Team Championship
The Black Hand Warriors (Michael Magnuson & Dave DeLorean) (c) vs. Keon Option & Justin D’Air

Paloma Starr vs. Lucy Mendez
Outtkast vs. Elvis Aliaga
Shorty Biggs vs. Outtkast

Bell at 8.  Tickets are $12 at the door.

The Fix Was In for a Title Win, But Williams Must Lay it on the Line, June 13

MMWA June 2015

Gary Jackson tries to regain the MMWA Heavyweight Title for the first time in over two years at the South Broadway Athletic Club on June 13.  However, Da’Marius Jones is no longer the champion to beat.

A.J. Williams redeemed an old Sean Orleans-endorsed title match contract to steal the MMWA Heavyweight Title from Jones last month.

Gary Jackson issued the challenge to Williams for a June 13 title showdown.  MMWA Commissioner Jim Harris made it official and also noted that there should be no more Orleans contracts.

MMWA Heavyweight Championship
A.J. Williams (c) vs. #5Gary Jackson

MMWA Junior Heavyweight Championship
#9Everett Connors (c) vs. Denzell Vance

MMWA Survivor Championship
Kevin Lee Davidson (c) vs. Brian James vs. Tommy Dallas

MMWA Tag Team Championship
The St. Louis Connection (Andrew Wilder & Johnathon Zulu) (c) vs. Brandon Espinosa & ???

Bell at 8.  Tickets are $8.

WLW Celebrates First Anniversary in Greater St. Louis, May 30

WLW May 2015

World League Wrestling is home at the Race Wrestling Arena in Troy, Mo. on May 30.  The main event is a tag rematch from last month.  This time, there will be no disqualifications.

No Disqualification Match
#4Leland Race & Trevor Murdoch vs. Superstar Steve Fender & Dangerous Derek McQuinn

Air Raid vs. Michael Magnuson
Brandon Espinosa vs. Dave DeLorean
Evan Morris vs. Dustin Bozworth

Bell at 7.  Tickets are $10.

Bruiser Brody Memorial Battle Royal Honors Legend, May 16

SICW May 2015

This year’s “Wrestling at the Chase” anniversary event at the East Carondelet Community Center has been much anticipated for good reason.  The match card is tremendous and the special appearances are aplenty.

The Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling festivities start early with a meet-and-greet, complete with a nostalgia screen projecting classic Saint Louis wrestling videos.

In the main event, the only two-time SICW champion Flash Flanagan defends for the first time against Daniel Eads.  “The Man of Tomorrow” hasn’t wrestled for the title in 19 months.  Also, the Bruiser Brody Cup will be presented to the winner of a battle royal.

Classic Wrestling Championship
Flash Flanagan (c) vs. Daniel Eads

Ricky Cruz & Ron Powers vs. Attila Khan & Bull Bronson
Bruiser Brody Memorial Battle Royal
Keith Smith Jr. vs. Ken Kasa
Paloma Starr vs. Lucy Mendez

Meet Stan Hansen, Barbara Goodish, Larry Matysik, Mike McGuirk, and Mick Karch at the meet-and-greet before the matches at 3:30.

Bell at 8.  Tickets for the meet-and-greet and the event are $12 each.  Attend both for just $20.

Dynamo Pro “Future Stars” Event Comes to the Riverbend, May 9

Dynamo Pro 5/9/15

Dynamo Pro Wrestling features its trainees in matches at the Knights of Columbus in Wood River, Ill. on May 9.  The occasion will be a rare treat to see the “future stars” of Greater St. Louis wrestling in action.

In addition to the Dynamo Pro Dojo’s best, Michael Elgin’s students will compete at this event.

Matches have yet to be announced.

Bell at 8.  Tickets are $10.  To purchase advance tickets, visit or contact the Wood River Knights of Columbus at (618) 254-2211.

Da’Marius Jones and Evan Gelistico, Head-to-Head for MMWA Strap, May 9

MMWA 5/9/15

Evan Gelistico pinned Da’Marius Jones in a six-man tag match last month at the South Broadway Athletic Club.  Doing so earned Gelistico his first shot at the MMWA title, which he will receive on May 9 at the SBAC.

Also, Brian James defends his belt against newcomer Tommy Dallas, an unknown who debuted last month and won a battle royal to earn his crack at the title.

MMWA Heavyweight Championship
Da’Marius Jones (c) vs. Evan Gelistico

MMWA TV Championship
#3Moondog Rover (c) vs. A.J. Williams

MMWA Survivor Championship
Brian James (c) vs. Tommy Dallas

Bell at 8.  Tickets are $8.

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