Ron Powers’ Gold Lust Trumps Friendship

Two weeks ago, Ron Powers obliterated his long time friend, Danny Boy Hawkins in East Carondelet.  The attack happened after Hawkins successfully defended his Classic Wrestling Championship against “KC Killer” Mark Sterling.

Missouri Wrestling Revival’s Dubray Tallman presented Danny with the Achievement Award trophy on the merit of Danny’s historic title victory.

Hawkins called Ron Powers to the ring to share the moment.  Danny, Ron and Dubray posed for photos with the trophy.

Big Ron clotheslined the the hell out of Danny Boy.  Then he picked up the champ and dropped him with a piledriver, a move banned in many promotions today.  Thankfully, Danny was not seriously injured.

With Danny clutching his head in pain, Ron smashed the trophy.  Shards of plastic went hurdling into the crowd, narrowly missing everybody.  The madness stopped when MO/IL Heavyweight Champ Gary Jackson made the save with a steel chair.

The footage of the assault will be posted soon to our YouTube channel.

Since then, Ron Powers has talked to MWR’s Brian Kelley but he didn’t offer any valid reason for the attack.

Danny Boy replied, “The fact that I am the Classic Wrestling Champion just eats Ron alive.  Powers’ biggest downfall is that he is in love with himself.”

Herb Simmons has Hawkins vs. Powers for the belt March 26th.

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