The War of Generations

Espinosa, left, is gunning for Jackson's MO/IL crown (Photo by Mike VanHoogstraat).

When a sports promoter like Tony Casta deals with two massive egos, a deal is hard to come by.  Just look at Pacquiao-Mayweather in boxing.  While we may not see that fight, we will see Gary Jackson vs. Brandon Espinosa this Saturday, the 8th, at South Broadway.

After Jackson’s victory last month, Espinosa confronted the champ.  He raised his own TV Title high and declared he deserved a shot at the big prize.

“You say you’re a fighting champ and you haven’t been.  While you have been gone, I have been defending as the Wild World of Wrestling Television Champion!  Next month, I will beat you, end your career and make you pass the torch!”

Gary always is quick to point out he never backs down from a challenge, despite Brandon’s accusations that he is protected by Casta.  Jackson acknowledges someday he will “pass the torch.”  Now is not that day.

“I am going to pass the torch… up into ‘you know what!’  Turn around, and I’ma put the torch right up in there!”

“Gorgeous” Gary Jackson managed a sudden crucifix pin on Donovan Ruddick December 4th to win the MO/IL Heavyweight Championship.  Since then, he has defended the title five times against: The Big Texan (twice), Mark Sterling and Sean Vincent (twice).

“Thee” Brandon Espinosa rolled up Dave Vaughn for the win and the TV Championship June 11th.  He has thwarted: Ace Hawkins, Bill Murray, Chase King and LaMarcus Clinton to keep the title.  The TV Championship is not on the line against Jackson.

On paper, Brandon Espinosa will be Gary Jackson’s toughest opponent yet.  The 24 year old is the highest-ranked independent Midwest wrestler in the PWI 500 at 329.

However, Jackson is a 27 year veteran (older than Brandon himself) and Espinosa will be at a weight disadvantage.  Espinosa usually comes in at 190, well below the junior heavyweight limit of 220.  He will give up 40 lbs. to Jackson’s 230.

Also, it’s “Luck of the Draw” night; the undercard matches will be randomly drawn.

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