Old School vs. New School (Part II)

Espinosa has won many independent titles, including the TV Championship (center). Is a Heavyweight Title reign inevitable?

Remember that David Bowie song, “Changes?” Perhaps that would be an appropriate theme song for this Saturday’s card at South Broadway. The MMWA’s December 3rd event showcases “old school” against “new school” in two key matches that could directly shape the future of St. Louis Wrestling.

First, we will see Jackson-Espinosa II for the MO/IL Heavyweight Championship. The history between these two has made this the most intriguing feud in MMWA history.

Two months ago, Espinosa was a knockout punch away from winning the big one when Phil E. Blunt ran in and hit Jackson with his “Dope Drop,” prompting a DQ.

Then, the tension exploded last month as the two had a major brawl outside the ring. A rare event, we saw most of the locker room emptied to contain the mess. Espinosa challenged Jackson to a rematch on the premise that “Gorgeous” Gary “doesn’t run from anybody.” Gary accepted, MMWA Executive Director Tony Casta signed it.

Espinosa still has his guaranteed title shot for the championship. Upon posting, it appears that this match will not count as a “cash-in” (since management made the match, not Brandon).

The second feature sees Ace Hawkins challenging Johnny Courageous for the veteran’s MO/IL Junior Heavyweight Championship in a rematch. Last month, both wrestlers were pinned at the same time. Neither man was happy with the draw and both lobbied for a restart. The best they could get was a rematch for this Saturday.

“There were not two, but four shoulders pinned to the mat, meaning Courageous kept the title,” Ace said. “Fortunately, he offered me a rematch. Unfortunately for him, I will fight ‘til the last breath for that Junior Heavyweight Championship. Good luck, Johnny.”

Johnny Courageous will try to ground Ace with his technical prowess. Ace will need to go to his aerial arsenal to win his first title within the MMWA.

The competitors in these matches will all have their fans out Saturday to cheer them on. Be sure to vote for the combination you want to win below.

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