This Just In: Jackson vs. Osborne!

By Ben Simon

Jackson vs. Osborne

As the clock ticked toward Saturday, the pressure mounted for Tony Casta to make a decision.  In December, the South Broadway Athletic Club President vowed to “sort this out next month” after a skirmish between Gary Jackson, Dave Osborne, and Brandon Espinosa.

By the end of business Wednesday, Mr. Casta phoned and made it official: Gary Jackson will defend his MO/IL Heavyweight Championship against #1 contender Big Dave Osborne.  It will be Osborne’s first shot at the big one.

These two are no strangers in the ring.  However, the majority of their clashes were during Osborne’s rookie year of 2011.  This was prior to his domination as “Mr. Over-The-Top” and his 2012 King of Cable tournament win.  Dave pushed his way to the top and wants to topple the legendary champ.

Sound familiar?  It was January 21 of last year when Brandon Espinosa took the title from Gary, after a long campaign against the champ.  Jackson rebounded in May, of course.  “Gorgeous” Gary fights another hungry young challenger Saturday as he resists Father Time.

And Espy?  Broadway’s top brass gives him credit for his MO/IL Junior Heavyweight Title win last month.  However, a wrestler can’t just walk into the SBAC after six months away and step into the main event.

Espinosa is a great, popular wrestler.  But he’s going to have to work for it.  He has been away awhile and, who knows, get a few wins, he’ll be back up there.

-Tony Casta

Also, Dave Vaughn will return to Missouri to defend his TV Championship.  His opponent has not been finalized.  The “Wrestling Machine” last defended his title against Jake Dirden in October.

The first card of the year is always a special one.  We hope you can join us Saturday.

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