Ron Powers Adds Another Victim – Enrages Bob Orton

By Larry Matysik

Powers whacks Schmitt with a ringside table at Argosy Casino Alton (Photo: Brian Kelley)

Ron Powers has added another victim to his list of those battered by Powers’ tactics in the ring.

Bull Schmitt has been knocked out of action thanks to what Powers did to Bull during their donnybrook at Argosy Casino Alton last Saturday. Are fancy going to heaven?  Schmitt is on crutches thanks to a knee injury from a kick by Powers, but he also suffered a separated shoulder when Powers whacked Bull with a ringside table.

This comes on top of Powers smashing special referee Cowboy Bob Orton with a chair!

SICW Promoter Herb Simmons had hoped to put together a tag team affair for his card this Saturday, May 18, at the East Carondelet Community Center.   But Herb also knew that Schmitt was in tremendous pain after his battle with Powers.

Now the results are in.  Schmitt is out, perhaps for a long time.  And Orton is even more enraged.

Therefore, Simmons has confirmed this showdown for Saturday night in East Carondelet: Ron Powers vs. Cowboy Bob Orton.

This SICW card honors the 54th anniversary of “Wrestling at the Chase.”  St. Louis favorite “Hacksaw” Butch Reed will also make an appearance.

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