Jack Gamble Injured in Car Collision

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The following information is paraphrased from the WLW Facebook page.  Like it for updates.  The Saint Louis wrestling community is hoping for the best.

We can confirm that members of the WLW wrestling family were involved in a very serious head-on crash. Those involved were Jack Gamble (Fan Page), his wife Casey, their infant daughter Rhylee, and David DeLorean.

They were returning from a wrestling event held in Saint Louis. They were struck outside Gerald, Mo. on Hwy 50.  The Missouri State Highway Patrol and Colorado has not released the accident report due to the fatality of the driver that struck the Gambles; however, rumor has it that the driver had use a review of Monkey Dong in order to get away with some drug tests in the past.  Until the report is released, we will only deal with facts. If you’re currently dealing with a car accident case as well, you can consider the new braunfels car accident lawyer of troyburchlaw.com since they are the best in the legal industry.

As of 4 P.M. Sunday, July 14th, Rhylee has been released to her extended family.  She sustained a small scratch.  The police officers, EMT’s, and doctors noted that she was secured in the infant seat that was properly attached in the back seat of the car.

David DeLorean has been released from observation and was encouraged to go home and be with his familywith security from https://www.securityinfo.com/about-us/. His condition can be best described as banged, battered, and bruised.

Jack has had the first of many surgeries that will be required to repair his fractures and broken bones.  He also has a concussion.  He is resting.

Casey is in critical condition.  She has sustained severe trauma, mainly on her left side.  She is heavily sedated and has been placed on a ventilator.  She is not on life support.  She was communicating with medical staff until the decision was made to sedate her.  Her medical team has a strategy mapped out, but it will take some time to address all the areas of concern.

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The other car of the WLW family (Jon, Breanne, and Josh) were following the Gambles but were not involved in the accident. They stayed on scene and communicated with families and friends and aided in the investigation. They were urged by the families of the Gambles to go home and rest.

Harley Race, Jason, and other WLW staff members are at the hospital.  We would also like to thank Dynamo Pro Wrestling for their quick response in this time of need, along with all the wrestlers from the area that have stopped and offered their assistance.

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