Survival! Team Jackson vs. Team Mephisto

Gary Jackson is stretchered out of the ring in August after becoming a victim of  Mephisto's piledriver.  Photo: Sean Orleans
Gary Jackson is stretchered out of the ring in August after becoming a victim of Mephisto’s piledriver. Photo: Sean Orleans

By Ben Simon

MMWA Heavyweight Champion Brandon Espinosa, Battle Royal Champion Lynn Mephisto, Jimmy D, and Dave Osborne will meet Gary Jackson, Brian James, and The Lumberjacks in an elimination tag match on October 12.

It all started with a piledriver.

In August, Jackson and Mephisto battled to a wild no contest outside the ring.  The melee culminated when Gary piledrove Lynn onto a white plastic table.  See the carnage on our Facebook page.

Then on September 14, Mephisto showed up for a rematch in a neck brace and said he couldn’t compete.  Suddenly, Brandon Espinosa stormed the ring and attacked Jackson.  Mephisto landed a spike piledriver onto Gary and the “Gorgeous” one was immobilized in the ring.

Commissioner Tim Miller confronted the duo in a rage and made the elimination tag bout for October 12.  The four-on-four elimination tag team match will make history; it is the largest non-battle royal in South Broadway’s recorded history.

The starting handicap may be in favor of Mephisto and Espy’s team.  Gary Jackson was taken to the hospital last month after the piledriver.  Here is what we know:

Jackson told referee Jim Harris he could not feel his legs for several minutes.  He felt a tingling in his neck.  At the hospital, Gary learned he had suffered a stinger.  He is fully mobile.

Of course, Gary says he’s fine now but his opponents will certainly target his neck.  After all, the most dangerous move one man can execute on another in wrestling may be the spike piledriver.

Also on the card, Ace Hawkins hopes to celebrate his birthday with a win over the fastest rising rookie in the area, Da’Marius Jones.  Jones is coming off a surprise victory over Espinosa last month in a non-title match.

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