From 4-on-1 to Sole Survivor, Brian James for the Win!

Team Elimination Match
The main event from October 12 was a “Survivor Series”-style match. Poster: Nick Ridenour

By Ben Simon

It was October 12 at 9:30 P.M. and the main event was about to begin.  Gary Jackson hadn’t arrived at the building yet.

Gary was set to team with Brian James and the Lumberjacks to take on Brandon Espinosa, Dave Osborne, Jimmy D, and Mephisto in an elimination tag match.  However, the members of the latter team made their way to the ring, smug looks on their faces.

Espinosa told the crowd that they would see a 4-on-3 handicap bout; Jackson was nowhere to be found.  Even if he was there, how would his neck hold up after that piledriver he took one month earlier?

Indeed, the match started at an unequal tilt.  Within three minutes, both Lumberjacks had been eliminated by pinfall.  Very quickly, Brian James was all alone.  Mephisto smiled at James devilishly from across the ring.  He and his teammates anticipated this 4-on-1 massacre.

Gary Jackson suddenly came running down to ringside to even the situation a bit.  He and Brian were able to cut it down to even before Gary was eliminated.

The match rode on the finale of Espinosa vs. James.  “Da Bomb” Brian James showed why he earned that nickname and detonated an attack on Espy.  Brian James picked up the pin with his signature inverted suplex slam.

Brian James is a good guy to have on your team.

The rivalry between Jackson and the Espinosa-Mephisto duo isn’t over yet.  In fact, on November 9th at South Broadway, Gary Jackson will challenge for Brandon’s MMWA Heavyweight Championship for the last time.

That is, if Gary doesn’t win the title, he can’t get another shot until Espy is no longer champion.

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