A Greater

By Ben Simon

In August 2010, I started this site to serve the former MMWA-SICW alliance.  Tony Casta’s and Herb Simmons’s promotions needed an online presence badly.  In fact, their “web site” simply redirected to a Myspace page.

This site, originally (without the hyphen), was created.  It was considered the new official web site of these organizations.

However, when South Broadway’s wrestling club and SICW divorced officially in late 2012, seemed like the kid no one wanted.

Neither promotion wanted or wants to share an “official” web site and I can’t blame them.  I could have just chosen a side and promoted it exclusively. is too valuable for just one promoter.  That’s why I’m going to transition it to serving all of Greater St. Louis.  I’m a busy man, so it may take a while.

The Mid Missouri Wrestling Alliance has launched a new official web site:  Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling has no official web site.

If you would like to write for, let me know.

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