Will Brandon Espinosa Resurrect The Elitism? Can It Be Stopped?


Commissioner Harris makes the matches for April 12 as wrestlers stand up to Espinosa's posse.  Photo: Maurice Ramsey
Commissioner Harris makes the matches for April 12 as wrestlers stand up to Espinosa’s posse. Photo: Maurice Ramsey

By Ben Simon

It’s unusual but not unknown for a small faction to grow into a monstrous one.  A virus is spreading in MMWA Wrestling.

Brandon Espinosa is not new to the faction game.  In fact, up until a couple of years ago, he led a group called the “Elitism.”  Could the Elitism return, bigger than ever before?  That notion is a dangerous one.

Espy and his longtime buddy Ace Hawkins interrupted last month’s main event tag match.  Their mission: to injure Gary Jackson and Brian James.  Barackus and Mephisto assisted.

The locker room emptied and a brawl erupted in the ring.  What was left in the ring was an army of necessity: Gary Jackson, Brian James, A.J. Williams, Da’Marius Jones, Dave Osborne, J-Mal Swagg, Webmaster Stevie K, Andrew Wilder, and Everett Connors.

On the outside: Espinosa, Hawkins, Mephisto, Jackson Whitechapel, Sean Orleans, the huge Barackus, and a returning Chase King.

Jim Harris has set the card for April 12.  The main event will pit Brandon Espinosa and Ace Hawkins against Gary Jackson and Brian James.  If either Jackson or James scores the fall, he will receive a title shot.

In the co-feature, Dave Osborne will finally get his hands on Barackus in a fair, one-on-one contest.  Barackus is undefeated; his claw hold is, so far, unbreakable.  One thing to look for here: can Osborne avoid or break the hold before Dave is KO’ed face-first on the canvas?  The former champ has been attacked by the huge Barackus multiple times.  Now, he looks for revenge.

Jackson Whitechapel and his agent, Sean Orleans, will deal with a wild card of a tag bout versus Da’Marius Jones and “Dogtown” Jake Dempsey.  Dempsey, a local boxing trainer, will make all his Boxing Training and his pro debut.  Will Dempsey try to get in the ring with his former commentary partner, Orleans?

On April 12, Jackson, James, Osborne, and company are fighting to keep the integrity of wrestling alive at the SBAC.  If they fail, it is possible more wrestlers will be tempted by the “faction’s” dominance.  And if that happens, South Broadway is looking at a hostile takeover in the wrestling department.

For advance tickets, call (314) 778-4833.

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