“Best of Seven” for Control of MMWA Wrestling

MMWA 7/12/14

By Ben Simon

Control of the Mid Missouri Wrestling Alliance is at stake on July 12 at the South Broadway Athletic Club in a Best-of-Seven series.  All seven matches pit Brandon Espinosa’s Elitism against the rest of the roster.  The card so far is loaded.

First, Elitism’s Barackus defends the Survivor Title against Dave Osborne in a best-of-three falls match.  No one has come close to defeating Barackus yet.  Osborne says he wants to regain his spot as the dominant “big man” in the promotion.

Former tag champs Chase King & LaMarcus Clinton represent the Elitism vs. “Gorgeous” Gary Jackson & a mystery partner.

Elitism’s Mephisto goes hardcore in a dog collar match where only pinfalls and submissions win.  His opponent: Moondog Rover!  The ‘Dog hasn’t tasted gold yet; he gets his shot at Mephisto’s TV Title.

The MMWA Junior Heavyweight Championship will be defended in the first ladder match at the South Broadway AC.  Andrew Wilder will try to become the king of 220 lbs. or less.  Can he reclaim his title against Elitism’s champ, Ace Hawkins?

The main event is a gauntlet team match where a representative of each group wrestles until one of them is eliminated.  The process continues until all members of one team have been eliminated.  There are no tags.

The Elitism main event team is Brandon Espinosa, J-Mal Swagg, Evan Gelistico, and an unknown.  Their opponents consist of Brian James, Webmaster Stevie K, rookie Everett Connors, and an unknown.

If the unaffiliated locker room (Harris’ boys) wins the majority of matches, The Elitism must disband and all pending lawsuits filed by Sean Orleans against MMWA Wrestling will be dropped.

If The Elitism wins at least four matches, Sean Orleans will be instated as the Commissioner.  Jim Harris will contractually be forced to resign.

Bell at 8.  For advance tickets, call (314) 778-4833.

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