Rocket Mapache & Jackal Have a New Friend… Bobby Eaton!

Dynamo Pro 9/6/14

By Ben Simon

Tonight at the Stratford in Fenton, the tag team champions are away, so their contenders will play.

Former champs The Black Hand Warriors (Michael Magnuson & Dave DeLorean) represent the Travis Cook Organization.  They will take on the Bite Club (Rocket Mapache & Jackal).

To counteract Travis Cook, “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton will be in the Bite Club’s corner.

Listen to Bobby Eaton talk about the Bite Club on RingSyders

The winners will be the mandatory challengers for a title match against Ricky Cruz & Brandon Espinosa.

Also on the card: Outtkast vs. Elvis Aliaga, Shorty Biggs vs. Evan Morris, Jake Dirden vs. Spi-Ral, Brandon Gallagher vs. Jon Webb, Paco Gonzalez vs. Brandon Aarons, and Jack Gamble vs. Danny Adams.

Bell at 8.  For ticket information, visit

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