The Fix Was In for a Title Win, But Williams Must Lay it on the Line, June 13

MMWA June 2015

Gary Jackson tries to regain the MMWA Heavyweight Title for the first time in over two years at the South Broadway Athletic Club on June 13.  However, Da’Marius Jones is no longer the champion to beat.

A.J. Williams redeemed an old Sean Orleans-endorsed title match contract to steal the MMWA Heavyweight Title from Jones last month.

Gary Jackson issued the challenge to Williams for a June 13 title showdown.  MMWA Commissioner Jim Harris made it official and also noted that there should be no more Orleans contracts.

MMWA Heavyweight Championship
A.J. Williams (c) vs. #5Gary Jackson

MMWA Junior Heavyweight Championship
#9Everett Connors (c) vs. Denzell Vance

MMWA Survivor Championship
Kevin Lee Davidson (c) vs. Brian James vs. Tommy Dallas

MMWA Tag Team Championship
The St. Louis Connection (Andrew Wilder & Johnathon Zulu) (c) vs. Brandon Espinosa & ???

Bell at 8.  Tickets are $8.

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