Espinosa’s MO Title Challenge Accepted: Danny Adams, June 11

20160611 MMWA

The South Broadway Athletic Club hosts its first MWR Missouri Title match on Saturday, June 11.

Brandon Espinosa issued an open challenge (as he did in his first defense) and “The Millennial” Danny Adams has answered the call.

Espy has been making opponents quit left-and-right with his cross armbar and is the heavy favorite in this second MO belt defense.  Adams is a perennial jr. heavyweight contender at the SBAC, but he hasn’t had notable recent victories.

Still, anything can happen; if Danny Adams pins Brandon or makes him submit, “The Millennial” will win the Missouri crown.

In the main event, a three-way bout for the MMWA Heavyweight Championship has Gary Jackson defending against the dangerous alliance of A.J. Williams and Da’Marius Jones.

Read the title announcement and rules

Missouri Heavyweight Championship
CBrandon Espinosa vs. Danny Adams

MMWA Heavyweight Championship
#2Gary Jackson (c) vs. A.J. Williams vs. Da’Marius Jones

MMWA TV Championship
#6Brian James (c) vs. Jim Hoffarth

MMWA Junior Heavyweight Championship
Brandon Aarons (c) vs. Tyler Copeland

Loser Wears a Dress for Rest of MMWA Career
Jimmy D vs. Shaft

Bell at 8.  Tickets are $8.

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