SICW: Legends vs. Monsters, July 16

SICW 7/16/16

A colossal six-man tag match is the main event on July 16 at the East Carondelet Community Center.  The match is billed as “Legends vs. Monsters” and it couldn’t be more appropriate.

Also on the card, Chris Hargas and Ken Kasa’s rivalry has elevated to an Iron Man match, where the man who scores the most falls within the time limit wins.

Ron Powers and Gary Jackson recently shared their thoughts on teaming with Bob Orton on Saturday.  See the clip from Wrestling Explosion below.

Two out of three falls match
Ron Powers, Cowboy Bob Orton, & Gary Jackson vs. Kahagas, Attila Khan, & Bubba Troll

Iron Man match (30 minutes)
Ken Kasa vs. Chris Hargas

Bobby D vs. Brandon Espinosa

Bell at 8.  Tickets are $12.

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