Espinosa Defends Missouri Strap: Broken Arms & Busted Brains at Rush Hour, Aug. 13

MMWA 8/13/16

The Missouri Heavyweight Championship is on the line as Brandon Espinosa sees singles action at “MMWA Rush Hour” at the South Broadway Athletic Club on August 13.

Espinosa makes his fifth defense against J’Mal Swagg.  The flashy Swagg isn’t expected to have much of a chance (he has won only one singles bout in the State since November), but J’Mal is in a no-lose situation.

The main event that evening will pit Kevin Lee Davidson against MMWA Heavyweight Champion A.J. Williams & Da’Marius Jones in a handicap tag match.

If KLD wins, he’ll get a title match next month.  If Davidson loses, he won’t get another shot as long as Williams is the kingpin.

20160813 MMWA

Read the title announcement and rules

Missouri Heavyweight Championship
CBrandon Espinosa vs. J’Mal Swagg

Handicap match
A.J. Williams & Da’Marius Jones vs. Kevin Lee Davidson

MMWA TV Championship
Danny Adams (c) vs. #6Brian James

MMWA Junior Heavyweight Championship
Brandon Aarons (c) vs. TBA

No Holds Barred match (2.0 is banned from ringside)
#4Gary Jackson vs. B.T. Daramola

St. Louis Cup Qualifier
#9Moondog Rover vs. Barackus vs. Evan Gelistico

Damion Cortess vs. Matt Kenway
Jim Hoffarth vs. Jimmy D

Bell at 8.  Tickets are $8.

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