It’s Official: The Eternals have Imploded! Espy and Ace meet for the MO Title, Nov. 12

20161112 MMWA

The South Broadway Athletic Club hosts MMWA Wrestling on November 12.  Four big matches sit atop the card and make this one a can’t-miss.

Brandon Espinosa and Ace Hawkins were best friends and tag team champions, known most recently as “The Eternals.”  That is no more, due to Hawkins being accused of abandoning Espy in title defenses.

Now, a different belt is at stake: the Missouri Heavyweight Championship.  And, it’s the lucky 13th defense for Espinosa.

The main event pits A.J. Williams against Kevin Lee Davidson for the former’s MMWA Heavyweight Title.  KLD fights not only for himself, but for everyone who has been beaten by the 2.0 group (Williams, Jones, and Daramola).

Read the title announcement and rules

Missouri Heavyweight Championship
CBrandon Espinosa vs. Ace Hawkins

MMWA Heavyweight Championship
A.J. Williams (c) vs. Kevin Lee Davidson

Elimination Tag Team match
Gary Jackson, Jim Hoffarth, Damion Cortess, & Deacon Cash vs. Brian James, Barackus, Matt Kenway, & Jason Roberts

Dog Collar Strap match
Moondog Rover vs. Jimmy D

Danny Adams vs. Everett Connors
J’Mal Swagg vs. Da’Marius Jones
Brandon Aarons vs. Super Electro

Bell at 8.  Tickets are $8.

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