SICW Classic Championship tournament begins, Feb. 18

SICW 2/18/17

The sixteen man tournament to decide a new SICW Classic Wrestling Champion begins on Saturday, February 18 at the East Carondelet Community Center.  The entire first round takes place; after the 18th, only eight competitors will remain.

The top honor in SICW has been vacant since last month, when promoter Herb Simmons announced that champion Ron Powers had retired, brought upon by the emotional toll of Powers’s father’s death.

Classic Wrestling Championship | Round of 16
Flash Flanagan vs. Johnny Blade
Moondog Rover vs. Curtis Wylde
The Big Texan vs. Chris Hargas
Gary Jackson vs. Waco
Clint Poe vs. Dave Vaughn
Ken Kasa vs. Steve Fender
Marc Houston vs. Bobby D
Sean Vincent vs. Cousin Gator

Bell at 8.  Tickets are $12.


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