Moondog or Wylde: Who wins a Dog Collar match… for Wyldefyre, Aug. 19?

SICW 8/19/17

Moondog Rover takes on Curtis Wylde in the main event of SICW’s card at the East Carondelet Community Center on Saturday, August 19.

The bout will be a dog collar match, where both men are joined at the neck by a 10 foot strap.  The winner is decided by pinfall or submission and there are no disqualifications.

The winner will gain the managerial services of Wylde’s wife, Wyldefyre.  Wyldefyre has expressed a fondness for the Moondog over the past several months, much to the dismay of Curtis.

Strap match | Referee: Wyldefyre
Moondog Rover vs. Curtis Wylde

Ken Kasa vs. Steve Fender

Manny Fernandez will also be in attendance.

Bell at 7.  Tickets are $12.

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