WLW: Hawkins vs. Gamble for the MWR Missouri belt, Oct. 7

20171007 World League

Ace Hawkins puts his Missouri State crown on the line for the fifth time against Jack Gamble in Troy at the Race Wrestling Arena on Saturday, Oct. 7.

Hawkins embarks to Europe for a wrestling tour later this month.  If he retains against Gamble, he will be the first MWR Missouri champ to wrestle abroad while the champion (the title is only on the line in Missouri).

Read the title announcement and rules

MWR Missouri Heavyweight Championship
CAce Hawkins vs. Jack Gamble

WLW Junior Heavyweight Championship
#2Jon Webb (c) vs. Orion Creed

2017 Harley Race Invitational Final
Kyle Roberts vs. Jayden Fenix

Steve Fender vs. Warwick Stephans
Rex vs. Jaden Roller

Bell at 7.  Tickets are $10.

WLW 10/7/17

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