NWL: Can Mike Outlaw dethrone the Monarch in O’Fallon, Jan. 19?

NWL 1/19/18

The NWL returns to the O’Fallon Elks Lodge in Missouri on Friday, January 19.

Both company titles will be on the line, with the possibility that two Saint Louisans (Gary Jay and Mike Outlaw) will leave as champions.

Top to bottom, this is a huge card.  Take a look:

NWL 1/19/18 1

NWL Championship
#3Jeremy Wyatt (c) vs. Mike Outlaw

Spirit of the NWL Championship
#8Gary Jay (c) vs. Leo Howlett

No Holds Barred
#6Jack Foster vs. #9Maverick

#1Dak Draper vs. Christian Rose
Jet Royal vs. Thomas Shire
Niles Plonk, Everett Connors, & Rasheed Ali vs. Davey Vega, Mat Fitchett, & Javy Torres

Bell at 7.  Tickets are $20, but discounts may be available.

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