Adrian Surge seeks to repeat as Dynamo Pro’s summer series champ in Grafton, July 6

Dynamo Pro 7/6/18

Adrian Surge with Riot on the River belt
Adrian Surge holds his Riot on the River title belt in Grafton on August 4, 2017. Photo: Jay King.

Dynamo Pro Wrestling holds its second annual “Riot on the River” tournament over three events this summer at The Loading Dock in Grafton.

The opening round bouts of the knockout take place on Friday, July 6.  This year, the tournament has doubled in size to 16 men!

“Lights Out” Adrian Surge first rose to prominence locally when he won the tournament and trophy belt last year in the inaugural event.

Riot on the River Tournament | Round of 16
Mike Outlaw vs. Viktor von Stein
Ricky Rodriguez vs. Xavier Shadowz
Camaro Jackson vs. Benjamin Trust
Outtkast vs. Ryan Ash
Adrian Surge vs. Jackal
The Snitch vs. Shiroi Senshi
C.J. Shine vs. Tony Esteem
Billy McNeil vs. Jimmi LaFleur
(bouts are in bracket order)

Bell at 8.  Tickets are $10.

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