First Time Ever: Gauntlet Match to determine SICW Classic title, July 21

SICW 7/21/18

Flash Flanagan is up against what could either be his greatest challenge or his easiest when wrestling is back at the East Carondelet Community Center on Saturday, July 21.

The main event features the top five competitors in SICW in a “gauntlet match.” The gauntlet event starts with two men (drawn randomly or methodically seeded) who wrestle to a fall. The loser is replaced by the next competitor. This continues until all five men have wrestled and only one remains.

If the champion Flanagan comes in at #1, the challenge will be nearly insurmountable. However, a #5 draw could be a walk in the park over a single exhausted opponent.

Classic Wrestling Championship | Gauntlet match
Flash Flanagan (c) vs. Ken Kasa vs. King Christopher Hargas vs. Superstar Steve Fender vs. Curtis Wylde

Ricky Cruz vs. Kahagas
Sean Vincent vs. Jake Prater

“The Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan is scheduled to appear.

Bell at 7. Tickets are $12.

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