Karim Brigante is Back! Puts MO Title up at WLW, Oct. 20

WLW 10/20/18

World League Wrestling is back at the Race Arena in Troy, Mo. on Saturday, October 20.

Missouri heavyweight king Karim Brigante is back from Italy, still champion, and is ready to defend.

Plus, the promotion’s storied heavyweight title will be on the line in a four-way match for the first time ever at the venue. Jon Webb has no Champion’s Advantage in this no-holds-barred environment.

Plus, the Missouri heavyweight champion Karim Brigante defends his title for the first time since May.

20181020 World League

Title History & Regulations

MWR Missouri Heavyweight Championship
CKarim Brigante vs. Jayden Dominic Rose

WLW Heavyweight Championship
#3Jon Webb (c) vs. Jack Gamble vs. Jaden Roller vs. Austin Cravens

#10Da’Marius Jones vs. Brandon Espinosa
Camron Bra’Nae vs. Miss Monica

Bell at 7. Tickets are $12.

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