MMWA: Can Ace Hawkins survive a 3-way title defense at South Broadway, Nov. 10?

MMWA 11/10/18

Wrestling is back at the South Broadway Athletic Club on Saturday, November 10.

Fresh off his cruiserweight title victory last month, Ace Hawkins has his hands full in a three-way match against the former teammates in the “2.0” stable, A.J. Williams and Da’Marius Jones.

The question must be posed: will Jones and Williams team up to functionally eliminate Hawkins from contention for their own benefits?

MMWA Championship
#4Brian James (c) vs. The Snitch

MMWA Cruiserweight Championship
Ace Hawkins (c) vs. Da’Marius Jones vs. A.J. Williams

#10Gary Jackson vs. Barackus
Deacon Cash vs. The Big Texan
Moondog Rover vs. Khayman
Savanna Stone vs. Tootie Lynn Ramsey

Bell at 8. Tickets are $9.

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