SICW: Travis Cook promises a sweet Valentine’s Day to Fender, if he can retire Flanagan, Feb. 16

SICW 2/16/19

The East Carondelet Community Center hosts its first night of wrestling in 2019 on Saturday, February 16.

Manager Travis Cook has promised a $1,000 bounty to whoever is able to injure Flash Flanagan into retirement. Up to bat first is Cook’s man, “Superstar” Steve Fender.

However, Fender’s Classic title is on the line. Can Flanagan regain the gold for the fifth time?

Classic Wrestling Championship
Steve Fender (c) vs. Flash Flanagan

Ricky Cruz vs. Kowalski
Gary Jackson vs. Gil Rogers
Christopher Hargas vs. Billy McNeil
Ken Kasa vs. Rockin Rivera
Khayman & Sean Vincent vs. Mauler McDarby & Shawn Santel
Curtis Wylde, The Big Texan, & Waco vs. Moondog Rover, Jake Prater, & Keith Smith Jr.

Bell at 7. Tickets are $12.

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