MMWA: Unified STL king Ricky Cruz defends MMWA gold, June 8

Cruz wins Classic Title 2019
Ricky Cruz beat Steve Fender May 25, 2019 to win SICW’s Classic title, becoming the only man to hold it and MMWA’s crown simultaneously. Photo: Joe Henley

Long live the king! MMWA & SICW Classic Wrestling Champion Ricky Cruz will defend the former at the South Broadway Athletic Club on Saturday, June 8.

Since January 2011, two champions have reigned atop the partner companies MMWA and SICW. On May 25 in East Carondelet, Ricky Cruz reunited the mantles as he picked up the Classic Wrestling Championship at the Larry Matysik/Bruiser Brody Memorial.

To be clear, the MMWA and SICW titles are not unified, but are simply held by the same man.

MMWA Championship
Ricky Cruz (c) vs. Curtis Wylde

The Big Texan vs. Damion Cortess
Jaden Roller vs. James Brady
Attila Khan vs. Frankie D
Savanna Stone vs. Camron Bra’Nae

Bell at 8. Tickets are $9.

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