Dynamo Pro Wrestling returns to Concordia Turners with “Mardi Gras Mayhem,” Feb. 22

Dynamo Pro Wrestling is proud to announce an all-ages professional wrestling event, “Mardi Gras Mayhem”, on Saturday, February 22nd, 2020. This professional wrestling event, sponsored by Slackers, Aries Screen Printing, and MARS Collectibles, will be held at the Concordia Turners Gymnasium, located at 6432 Gravois Avenue in St. Louis, Missouri. Doors open at 7:00 P.M. with a bell time of 8:00 P.M. Adult tickets are $10 each in advance and $15 each the day of the event. Tickets for children from five to twelve years old are $5 each. Tickets for children under five years old are free. Advance tickets can be purchased at www.dynamoprowrestling.com.

In addition to defenses of the Dynamo Pro Wrestling Women’s and D-1 championships, several marquee matchups have already been signed for this great night of professional wrestling.

The Dynamo Pro Wrestling tag team championship is in a state of turmoil. At “New Year’s Brawl”, the Arch City Mercenaries lost the Dynamo Pro Wrestling tag team championships in a fatal four-way match to The Unlikely Heroes. As Ricky Rodriguez celebrated regaining the Dynamo Pro Wrestling tag team championships, he was attacked and left in a heap in the middle of the ring…by his own partner Jackal. Since “New Year’s Brawl”, both men have taken to social media to vent their views. In response to this banter, Dynamo Pro Wrestling has signed a match between the former members of The Unlikely Heroes. The winner of this match-up will leave the Concordia Turners Gymnasium in possession of both championship belts.

    For nearly one year, “Lights Out” Adrian Surge has proudly held the Dynamo Pro Wrestling heavyweight championship. He has taken on all challengers in defense of his championship. At “Mardi Gras Mayhem”, “Lights Out” Adrian Surge will face one of his biggest challenges to date in the form of “The Roman Dynasty” Karim Brigante. A former Missouri Wrestling Revival Missouri State Champion, the man known by many as “K.B. Violence” has spent the past several months capturing numerous championships in Europe. Brigante has stated that his return to the United States will begin by winning the Dynamo Pro Wrestling heavyweight championship at “Mardi Gras Mayhem”. Last weekend, as a part of the “Jams and Slams” event, “Lights Out” Adrian Surge suffered a defeat at the hands of Dynamo Pro Wrestling D-1 champion Camaro Jackson in a non-title “Braggin’ Rights” match. Will “The Roman Dynasty” add the Dynamo Pro Wrestling heavyweight championship to his long list of championships? Will “Lights Out” Adrian Surge return to his winning ways? The only way to find out is to attend Dynamo Pro Wrestling’s “Mardi Gras Mayhem”.

    At “Jams and Slams”, the Arch City Mercenaries went on record to say that they are looking to show why they are one of the greatest tag teams in the history of Dynamo Pro Wrestling. With a year-long reign as Dynamo Pro Wrestling tag team champions, many members of the media have begun to agree with the team of Tony Esteem and Jimmi LaFleur. At “Mardi Gras Mayhem”, the Arch City Mercenaries have issued an open challenge to any two wrestlers that believe that they have what it takes to face them inside the Dynamo Pro Wrestling ring. Who will answer the challenge? We will find out at “Mardi Gras Mayhem”.

    And, in a match several months in the making, Sadie Blaze makes his return to the ring to take on “The Wind of Destruction” Makaze. In April 2019, Sadie Blaze revealed himself after losing a no-disqualification career match against “Lights Out” Adrian Surge. Weeks later, when taking time to thank the fans that followed his career, Blaze was attacked….by Makaze! Since that time, Makaze has been hiding in the shadows, waiting for opportunities for Sadie Blaze to let his guard down and attacking Blaze when he least expects it. At “New Year’s Brawl”, both men agreed to face each other one on one at “Mardi Gras Mayhem”. At the conclusion of the confrontation, both men once again had to be separated by the majority of the Dynamo Pro Wrestling locker room. Sadie Blaze was willing to accept his retirement. The mysterious man under the mask of Makaze has risen from the ashes to forge a new legacy. Blaze wants to find out who is trying to tarnish the legacy of “The Wind of Destruction”. One thing is for certain…this feud will explode at “Mardi Gras Mayhem”.

    Since 2007, Dynamo Pro Wrestling has strived to bring professional wrestling fans of all ages with hard hitting, fast paced, edge of your seat professional wrestling action. For additional information on Dynamo Pro Wrestling, you can check out our website at www.dynamoprowrestling.com, follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/dynamopro, and on Twitter at www.twitter.com/DynamoPro. For Concordia Turners Gymnasium venue information, you can check out their website at www.concordiaturners.org or follow them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/concordiaturners.

    For additional information regarding this event, please contact:

Jim Yount, Promoter
Dynamo Pro Wrestling
(314) 452-8868

Rob Mangrum, Media Relations Director
Dynamo Pro Wrestling
(618) 420-0049

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