Dynamo Pro: Ace Hawkins heads back to Concordia-Turners to defend State title, Aug. 25

Dynamo Pro 8/25/17

Ace Hawkins and Justin D’Air meet in the co-main event at Dynamo Pro’s card at Concordia Turners in Saint Louis on Friday, August 25.

The bout will be Hawkins’s first defense of his inter-promotional Missouri Championship of his second reign.  This will be D’Air’s second shot at the belt.

Also on the card, Brandon Aarons puts his promotional title up for grabs for the fifth time against “The Millennial” Danny Adams.  This is Adams’s first DPW title opportunity.

20170825 Dynamo Pro

Read the title announcement and rules

MWR Missouri Heavyweight Championship
CAce Hawkins vs. Justin D’Air

Dynamo Pro Championship
Brandon Aarons (c) vs. Danny Adams

Adrian Surge vs. Everett Connors
Savanna Stone vs. Miss Monica vs. Rahne Victoria

Bell at 8.  Tickets are $12.


Moondog or Wylde: Who wins a Dog Collar match… for Wyldefyre, Aug. 19?

SICW 8/19/17

Moondog Rover takes on Curtis Wylde in the main event of SICW’s card at the East Carondelet Community Center on Saturday, August 19.

The bout will be a dog collar match, where both men are joined at the neck by a 10 foot strap.  The winner is decided by pinfall or submission and there are no disqualifications.

The winner will gain the managerial services of Wylde’s wife, Wyldefyre.  Wyldefyre has expressed a fondness for the Moondog over the past several months, much to the dismay of Curtis.

Strap match | Referee: Wyldefyre
Moondog Rover vs. Curtis Wylde

Ken Kasa vs. Steve Fender

Manny Fernandez will also be in attendance.

Bell at 7.  Tickets are $12.

Moondog defends shiny new belt against Big Texan at South Broadway, Aug. 12

Big Texan splashes Jimmy D
The Big Texan lands a big splash on Jimmy D on May 13, 2017 at the South Broadway Athletic Club. Photo: Joe Henley.

Moondog Rover has tasted the big MMWA gold and leather for the first time and he likes it.  His first challenge is Saturday, August 12 at the South Broadway Athletic Club.

The Big Texan will challenge for the heavyweight crown for the first time since December 2012.  Texan is coming off two consecutive singles losses to Gary Jackson, but he did win the Hillsdale battle royal last Saturday.

MMWA Championship
Moondog Rover (c) vs. The Big Texan

MMWA Cruiserweight Championship
Deacon Cash (c) vs. Frodo Meyer

fmrBrandon Espinosa vs. JD Wilk
Gary Jackson vs. Da’Marius Jones

Bell at 8.  Tickets are $9.

Jon Webb is one of the best in MO, but can he make up for size against heavyweight king Leland Race, Aug. 5?

WLW 8/5/17

World League Wrestling returns to their home arena in Troy, Mo. on Saturday, August 5.

The main event pits the heavyweight champion against the junior heavyweight champion as Leland Race takes on Jon Webb.  Plus, the quarterfinal round of the 2017 Harley Race invitational tournament will be decided.

Main Event
#3Jon Webb vs. Leland Race

Harley Race Invitational Tournament | Quarterfinals
fmrBrandon Espinosa
Karim Brigante
Steve Fender
Kyle Roberts
Jack Gamble
Jayden Fenix

Bell at 7.  Tickets are $10.

SICW & MMWA return to Hillsdale for free “Back-to-School” outdoor event, Aug. 5

SICW 8/5/17

The families of Hillsdale, Mo. may be surprised to find body-slamming heavyweights tangle right outside their doors on Saturday, August 5.

This free outdoor event, promoted by SICW and the MMWA, in conjunction with the Hillsdale Police, is half wrestling event and half community service event.

School supplies and items, such as bicycles, will be awarded to children in the area.  Non-residents are also welcome to attend the event on Jesse Jackson Ave.

Matches have yet to be announced.

Bell at noon.  The event is free, but chairs will not be provided.

Dynamo Pro’s Riot on the River champion to be crowned in Grafton, Aug. 4

Dynamo Pro 6/2/17

Dynamo Pro Wrestling returns to The Loading Dock in Grafton, Ill. for its final summer event at the restaurant on Friday, August 4.

The eight-man knockout tournament is down to the final two.  Either Dynamo Pro champion Brandon Aarons of Newport Beach, Calif. or Adrian Surge of Saint Louis will win the first annual Riot on the River championship and trophy belt.

Riot on The River Tournament | Final
Brandon Aarons vs. Adrian Surge

Bell at 8.  Tickets are $10.

No Holds Barred: Espinosa and Hawkins battle for Missouri belt, July 22

Dynamo Pro 7/22/17

Dynamo Pro Wrestling presents a double main event on Saturday, July 22 at Concordia Turners gym in St. Louis.

Brandon Espinosa defends the MWR Missouri Heavyweight championship for the fourth time against Ace Hawkins in a No Holds Barred match.

The main event is “Teacher vs. Student.”  Dynamo Pro champion Brandon Aarons takes on his trainer, Dingo.  This is Dingo’s first Dynamo Pro championship opportunity in nearly four years.

20170722 Dynamo Pro

Read the title announcement and rules

MWR Missouri Heavyweight Championship | No Holds Barred
CBrandon Espinosa vs. #10Ace Hawkins

Dynamo Pro Championship
Brandon Aarons (c) vs. Dingo

Bell at 7.  Tickets are $12.

NWL STL: Anarchy Rises debuts in St. Peters, July 15

NWL STL 7/15

The first of six NWL STL events under the direct leadership of Matt Jackson is slated for Matteson Square Garden in St. Peters on Saturday, July 15.

The main event can best be described as redemption, as Saint Louis Anarchy veteran Gary Jay takes on “The Raging Bull” Maverick for the St. Louis title.  Jay wants to prove he’s not a cartoon drunk that the old NWL STL made him out to be.  In fact, he can be champion.

NWL St. Louis Championship
#2Maverick (c) vs. Gary Jay

#1Dak Draper vs. Mike Outlaw
#6Jack Foster vs. Castle
Dingo vs. Michael Strider
Tommy Dreamer vs. Cornell Douglass
Skyler Beckett vs. Jeremy Wyatt
Thor Theriot vs. Christian Rose

Bell at 7.  Tickets are $20 at the door.

Ace Hawkins and Moondog Rover FINALLY determine who is MMWA Champion, July 8

Moondog Rover chokes Ace Hawkins
Moondog Rover grabs Ace Hawkins by the throat at the South Broadway Athletic Club on April 8, 2017. Photo: Joe Henley

Gather ’round kids and listen about a time when the South Broadway Athletic Club had its own champion.  It has been a while, hasn’t it?  November, to be exact.

That changes this Saturday, July 8 when the MMWA Championship will be awarded to the winner of the tournament final between Ace Hawkins and Moondog Rover.

Also on the card, the Missouri Wrestling Revival State championship is on the line as Brandon Espinosa defends his crown for the third time against MMWA Cruiserweight champion Deacon Cash.  Although unlikely, Cash’s title will also be on the line if Espinosa weighs in at the cruiserweight limit.

20170708 MMWA

Read the title announcement and rules

MWR Missouri Heavyweight Championship | MMWA Cruiserweight Championship (if Espinosa makes 205 lbs.)
CBrandon Espinosa vs. Deacon Cash (c)

MMWA Championship | Championship Series Final
#10Ace Hawkins vs. Moondog Rover

Gary Jackson vs. The Big Texan
Johnny Park vs. Damion Cortess
Da’Marius Jones vs. B.T. Daramola
J’Mal Swagg vs. Jimmy D

Bell at 8.  Tickets are $9.