WLW: Three spectacular matches make this TV taping special, Sept. 15

WLW 9/15/18

With just one week until WLW’s return to TV in Columbia, Harley Race’s company comes to the Race Wrestling Arena for its second TV taping on Saturday, September 15.

The WLW ≤220 lb. title is centerstage in the main event as two of the finest wrestlers in the State duke it out.

WLW Junior Heavyweight Championship
Jayden Dominic Rose (c) vs. #9Kyle Roberts

Italian Wrestling Association Championship
#3Jon Webb (c) vs. Rex

Brandon Espinosa vs. Jack Gamble

Bell at 7. Tickets are $12.


SICW: Monster Kowalski confident of victory over Flanagan, Sept. 15

SICW 9/15/18

Wrestling fans anticipate the collision between four-time and reigning SICW champion Flash Flanagan and the monster Kowalski. The two meet in the main event at the East Carondelet Community Center on Saturday, September 15.

This is the second defense of Flanagan’s reign and it is Kowalski’s third title shot.

Classic Wrestling Championship
Flash Flanagan (c) vs. Kowalski

Ricky Cruz vs. Attila Khan
Ken Kasa vs. Curtis Wylde
P.T. Beckham vs. Jake Prater
Keith Smith Jr. & Bobby D vs. Steve Fender

Bell at 7. Tickets are $12.

Riot on the River champion to be crowned in Grafton, Sept. 14

Dynamo Pro 9/14/18

Dynamo Pro Wrestling’s final summer event at The Loading Dock in Grafton is this Friday, September 14.

Just four men remain from the field of 16, and they will battle it out in elimination matches to determine the 2nd annual champion of Riot on the River.

Riot On The River Tournament Semifinals & Final
Mike Outlaw vs. Benjamin Trust
Billy McNeil vs. The Snitch

Adrian Surge & Tootie Lynn Ramsey vs. Makaze & Rahne Victoria

Tickets are $10. Bell at 8, despite the poster.

MMWA: Ace Hawkins returns to South Broadway to challenge for cruiser title, Sept. 8

Ace Hawkins and Da'Marius Jones
Ace Hawkins readies to dive onto Da’Marius Jones as referee Jay King watches on January 14, 2017. Photo: Joe Henley

Ace Hawkins returns to the South Broadway Athletic Club for the first time on 2018 on MMWA Wrestling’s September 8 offering.

Hawkins is to challenge Da’Marius Jones for Jones’s cruiserweight (≤205 lbs.) championship. The two last wrestled 20 months ago, but that match was interrupted by interference.

MMWA Championship
#6Brian James (c) vs. Deacon Cash vs. Damion Cortess

MMWA Cruiserweight Championship
#10Da’Marius Jones (c) vs. Ace Hawkins

MMWA Title Eliminator
Gary Jackson vs. The Big Texan

Bell at 8. Tickets are $9.

WLW: Inaugural TV taping features Webb-Espinosa for the title, Aug. 18

WLW 8/18/18

World League Wrestling is enthusiastic about its next card at the Race Arena on August 18. There’s a good reason: WLW has landed a deal with KMIZ-TV (in Columbia) and this Saturday’s event is the first TV taping.

WLW Heavyweight Championship
#3Jon Webb (c) vs. Brandon Espinosa

WLW Ladies Championship | Open challenge
Stacey O’Brien vs. ???

#9Jayden Dominic Rose vs. Rex
Kyle Roberts vs. Steve Fender

Bell at 7. Tickets are $12.

The first WLW television show in many years will air on KMIZ subchannel 17.3 in Columbia, Mo. at 6 P.M. on September 22.

SICW: Flash & Vincent challenge “Big Daddy’s Monsters” in East Carondelet, Aug. 18

SICW 8/18/18

Tag team wrestling is the theme of the night when SICW rumbles into the East Carondelet Community Center on Saturday, August 18.

Main Event
Flash Flanagan & Sean Vincent vs. Attila Khan & Kowalski

Ricky Cruz, Keith Smith, & Keith Smith Jr. vs. Steve Fender, Chris Hargas, & Travis Cook
Gary Jackson & P.T. Beckham vs. Shawn Santel & Mauler McDarby

Bell at 7. Tickets are $12.

MMWA: Can Moondog become a 2-time champ, Aug. 11?

MMWA 8/11/18

MMWA Wrestling returns to the South Broadway Athletic Club on Saturday, August 11.

MMWA Championship
#7Brian James (c) vs. Moondog Rover

MMWA Title Eliminator
Gary Jackson vs. The Big Texan

#10Da’Marius Jones & A.J. Williams vs. Khayman & El Diablo Loco
Deacon Cash vs. Damion Cortess
Jaden Roller vs. B.T. Daramola
Ricky Rodriguez vs. Rick Ruby

Bell at 8. Tickets are $9.

Dynamo Pro: Riot on the River Night 2, with Makaze-Surge as bonus, Aug. 3

Dynamo Pro 8/3/18

The second leg of Dynamo Pro’s summer series “Riot on the River” is at The Loading Dock in Grafton, Ill. on Friday, Aug. 3.

Eight men remain from the initial 16 in the bracket. In addition to the quarterfinal round, the promotional strap is on the line as well. “Lights Out” Adrian Surge challenges for the title defended by Makaze for the first time in 15 months.

Dynamo Pro Championship
Makaze (c) vs. Adrian Surge

Riot on the River Tournament | Quarterfinals
Mike Outlaw vs. Xavier Shadowz
Outtkast vs. Benjamin Trust
Jackal vs. The Snitch
Billy McNeil vs. C.J. Shine

Bell at 8. Tickets are $10.