WLW: Jon Webb, Jayden Dominic Rose defend their titles, Feb. 2

WLW 2/2/19

World League Wrestling’s first event of 2019 is Saturday, February 2 at the Race Arena in Troy, Mo.

The main event pits longtime champ Jon Webb against WLW rookie Austin Cravens. Webb was victorious the last time they met back in August, but Cravens has rapidly climbed the ranks.

“The Attraction” Cravens stands a strong chance of entering Night of Champions next month as the heavyweight king.

WLW Heavyweight Championship
#3Jon Webb (c) vs. Austin Cravens

WLW Junior Heavyweight Championship
Jayden Dominic Rose (c) vs. Kenny Alfonso

#7Jack Gamble vs. Camaro Jackson
Kyle Roberts & Rex vs. Brandon Espinosa & Steve Fender

Bell at 7. Tickets are $12.


SICW: Can Ricky Cruz regain Classic title from “Superstar” Steve, Jan. 26?

SICW 1/26/19

The Holy Family School in Cahokia hosts SICW professional wrestling on Saturday, January 26.

Classic Wrestling Championship
Steve Fender (c) vs. Ricky Cruz

Ken Kasa vs. Billy McNeil
Christopher Hargas vs. Flash Flanagan
Gary Jackson vs. Kowalski
Curtis Wylde vs. Bobby D
Moondog Rover & Sean Vincent vs. The Big Texan & Waco
P.T. Beckham & Khayman vs. Shawn Santel & Mauler McDarby

Bell at 7. Tickets are $12.

Dynamo Pro: Canceled due to weather, Jan. 19

Dynamo Pro 1/19/19


Dynamo Pro kicks off the year with a loaded card at the Knights of Columbus in De Soto on Saturday, January 19.

Ace Hawkins, fresh off becoming the only three-time Missouri champion in the MWR era, makes his first defense against Keon Option. “The Valedictorian” Option won his last bout (against The Snitch) two months ago.

Plus, the company has promoted that all of its traditionally-male titles will be on the line.

“Traditionally” is the key word, as Savanna Stone challenges Mike Outlaw for his D-1 championship. If she wins, she will be the first woman to win a male DPW title.

Title History & Regulations

20190119 Dynamo Pro

MWR Missouri Championship
CAce Hawkins vs. Keon Option

Dynamo Pro D-1 Championship
#4Mike Outlaw (c) vs. Savanna Stone

Dynamo Pro Tag Team Championship
Tony Esteem & Jimmi LaFleur (c) vs. Jackal & Ricky Rodriguez

Bell at 8. Tickets are $15.

SICW: Canceled due to weather, Jan. 19

SICW 1/19/19


The first SICW card of 2019 comes to the East Carondelet Community Center on Saturday, January 19.

Multi-State Tag Team Championship
The Iceman & The Math Magician (c) vs. Johnny Ruckus & Lars Metzger

Flash Flanagan vs. Kowalski
Ken Kasa vs. Attila Khan
Gary Jackson vs. Gil Rogers

Bell at 7. Tickets are $12.

WLW: Canceled due to weather, Jan. 19

WLW 1/19/19


World League Wrestling opens 2019 on Saturday, January 19 at the Race Arena in Troy, Mo.

The second semifinal match in the tag team contendership tournament determines who will face Camaro Jackson & Kenny Alfonso to become the next mandatory challengers to champs Rex & Kyle Roberts.

WLW Tag Team Contenders Tournament | Semifinal #2
Steve Fender & Brandon Espinosa vs. Jaden Roller & Austin Cravens

#3Jon Webb vs. Camaro Jackson
#7Jack Gamble vs. Kyle Roberts
Jayden Dominic Rose vs. Rex
Da’Marius Jones vs. Leland Race

Bell at 7. Tickets are $12.

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