Wrestling History Lessons w/ Sean Orleans

Today’s trip into the vault is from April 1983 between two genuine Texas toughies: Terry Funk and Stan Hansen, in All Japan Pro Wrestling.

Don’t know who Stan Hansen is, kiddos?  Let me put it to you like this: if you put Terry Funk against a tyrannosaurus rex, Funk would let the T-Rex eat him and say he’s got the dinosaur right where he wants him (and Funk would be right).  Stan Hansen would walk up to the T-Rex and lariat the giant lizard into extinction.  Which may or may not have happened anyway.  Some fossil records have not been fully analyzed.

But I digress.  Enjoy the match, knuckleheads.


Happy Father’s Day…

By Sean Orleans

Tell your pops you love him and, to quote a great man, give him “a hug and a kiss to seal the deal, baby.”

Wrestling History Lessons w/ Sean Orleans

Sean Orleans here…

While it is a well-established fact that the stars of tomorrow are in MMWA & SICW, it is equally important to understand and appreciate the great matches and competitors of wrestling’s past.  Since I consider myself a purveyor of fine wrestling prowess, I’m going to take time out of my busy schedule to both educate, enlighten and—frankly—culture the bulk of you wrestling fans out there who believe the “Five Knuckle Shuffle” is the bees’ knees and think wrestling history begins and ends with Monday night television and Sunday night pay-per-view shows.

Today’s trip into the vault is from January 1990, a tag team bout from All Japan Pro Wrestling featuring the British Bulldogs (Davey Boy Smith and the Dynamite Kid) taking on the original Tiger Mask and a young Kenta Kobashi.  Sit back and be quiet, knuckleheads; you might learn something.

I plan on posting new “lesson plans” when I get around to it, so be on the lookout.

Ron Powers Adds Another Victim – Enrages Bob Orton

By Larry Matysik

Powers whacks Schmitt with a ringside table at Argosy Casino Alton (Photo: Brian Kelley)

Ron Powers has added another victim to his list of those battered by Powers’ tactics in the ring.

Bull Schmitt has been knocked out of action thanks to what Powers did to Bull during their donnybrook at Argosy Casino Alton last Saturday. Are fancy going to heaven?  Schmitt is on crutches thanks to a knee injury from a kick by Powers, but he also suffered a separated shoulder when Powers whacked Bull with a ringside table.

This comes on top of Powers smashing special referee Cowboy Bob Orton with a chair!

SICW Promoter Herb Simmons had hoped to put together a tag team affair for his card this Saturday, May 18, at the East Carondelet Community Center.   But Herb also knew that Schmitt was in tremendous pain after his battle with Powers.

Now the results are in.  Schmitt is out, perhaps for a long time.  And Orton is even more enraged.

Therefore, Simmons has confirmed this showdown for Saturday night in East Carondelet: Ron Powers vs. Cowboy Bob Orton.

This SICW card honors the 54th anniversary of “Wrestling at the Chase.”  St. Louis favorite “Hacksaw” Butch Reed will also make an appearance.

Legends of St. Louis Wrestling: Tickets On Sale!

By Ben Simon

SICW Billboard

You’ve seen the billboards, you’ve heard the radio spots.  You’re ready to attend the metro area’s biggest independent wrestling event in over a quarter-century.  This is a two-day event at Argosy Casino Alton.

On Friday, May 10th, KSDK’s Frank Cusumano will host a Q&A session with the legends.  They are: Harley Race, Baron Von Raschke, “Cowboy” Bob Orton, Gerry Brisco, Greg Valentine, and Larry Matysik.

On Saturday, May 11th, SICW will host the wrestling event.  The Classic Wrestling Championship is on the line as Ricky Cruz defends against Flash Flanagan.  Greg Valentine & Chaz Wesson take on Dave Vaughn & The Big Texan in a tag bout.  Also, Ron Powers will battle Bull Schmitt with Bob Orton as the guest referee.  Plus, four more matches!

The action starts at 7pm on both nights.

Go to ArgosyAlton.com or call 1-800-711-4263 to get your tickets now.  Because this is a casino, you must be at least 21 to attend the event and have a valid undamaged ID.

Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling and Argosy Casino Alton hope to make this a regular partnership.  Be a part of St. Louis wrestling history.

A Can’t Miss Triple-Header Event!

By Ben Simon

Espy holds belt
Brandon Espinosa hoists his junior heavyweight title high after defeating his opponent on March 16th.

The historic South Broadway Athletic Club hosts a great card this Saturday April 6th, headlined by three major bouts.

The MMWA Heavyweight Championship will be on the line when Big Dave Osborne makes his first defense against Gary Jackson in a rematch of their bout on February 16th.

Even though Osborne won with his own skill and no underhanded tactics, he still must prove that he’s not a fluke.  Jackson is in an uncomfortable place as well; he’s not a champion.

Jackson’s leg injury is almost entirely healed now too.  The “Gorgeous One” must dodge Big Dave’s attacks to his right leg.  The match may depend on it.

Last month, it was “Pick Your Poison” for Junior Heavyweight Champion Brandon Espinosa and A.J. Williams.  Each man would choose the other’s opponent.  Espinosa demolished J-mal Swag, a debutant and protege of Williams’.

A.J. Williams defeated his opponent, a masked man named “Arachnia,” with a superkick.  However, Arachnia attacked Williams with a chair and revealed himself to be none other than Espy himself.

Brandon Espinosa dared acting Commissioner Tim Miller to suspend him.  Miller declined but made a match between the two for this Saturday for the junior heavy crown.  When Espy complained, Miller added that if Brandon doesn’t defend the title, he will be stripped of it.

Phil E. Blunt and Brian James will take on Jimmy D and The Big Texan on April 6th as well.  The Big Texan interfered multiple times to help Jimmy D steal a victory and retain his TV Championship last month against Blunt.  The tag match was made after Brian James saved Phil E. from a beat-down.

Not much is known of Blunt and James’ relationship.  However, Jimmy D and Texan have worked together before and are the likely favorites.

Blunt: A Tough One to Smoke for Jimmy D

By Ben Simon

Phil E. Blunt
Phil E. Blunt’s ultimate goal is to regain the MMWA Title he last held several years ago. Photo: Mike VanHoogstraat

Jimmy D will defend his TV Championship this Saturday at the South Broadway Athletic Club against the returning Phil E. Blunt.

“Extreme Chaos” Jimmy D won the vacant TV Title last month against A.J. Williams.  Williams’ adversary, Brandon Espinosa, attacked A.J. and allowed Jimmy D to pick up the pinfall.

Usually a fan favorite, the manner of Jimmy D’s victory has lost him fans.  The former Bodily Harm member has expressed no regret for Espinosa’s involvement.  A win is a win.

“Wrestling’s Dope Man,” Blunt last competed 16 months ago in a match where (oddly) he teamed with Jimmy D against the Lumberjacks.  Despite the long layoff, Phil E. gets this shot as a gesture to his past merits.

Blunt was going to wrestle last month at Broadway, but the Missouri Office of Athletics said he didn’t complete the correct forms.  After speaking with the former champ yesterday, I can assure you, Blunt will be bringing his papers.

Big Dave Osborne Strikes Gold!

By Ben Simon

Osborne holds belt
Big Dave Osborne in the South Broadway Athletic Club locker room after his win on Feb. 16th.

In his second title shot ever, Big Dave Osborne defeated “Gorgeous” Gary Jackson on February 16th to win the MMWA Heavyweight Championship.

The end came at the ten-minute mark when Osborne countered the Texas cloverleaf and rolled up Jackson.  After a 100% clean, fair-and-square pinfall victory, Dave Osborne is the champ in the most historic promotion in the region.

Osborne was sharply focused on the big match with Jackson, which was his redemption of the King of Cable Cup he won in September.  There was no yelling before or during the match by Big Dave.  It was just a wrestling match where the better man prevailed.

Gary Jackson went into the match with a leg injury sustained the week prior.  Gary limped but he insisted that his injury played no part in the outcome of the match.  His loss ended a nine-month title reign.

Osborne recently held the Battle Royal Championship, which is how he got his moniker: Mr. Over-the-Top.  He lost that title due to misinformation; he didn’t think it was on the line when it was.

Osborne debuted on January 15th, 2011 with a loss to Webmaster Stevie K.  Since then, he has cut a drastic amount of weight and improved his maneuvers through a strict training regimen.  Now, we have a dangerous man on our hands.

The South Broadway titles also got a new name after the card ended.  The MMWA Heavyweight and Junior Heavyweight Championships will be known as such; the “MO/IL” state affiliation has been dropped.

For Osborne, Espinosa: Strike While The Iron is Hot!

By Ben Simon

Jackson passes out
Keith Smith Jr. checks on an unconscious Gary Jackson. Jackson is mum on any specific damage he suffered in his legs.

Gary Jackson had better walk carefully, in more ways than one.  The South Broadway heavyweight champ did not have a good weekend.  At a SICW card on February 9th, the champ challenged for Ricky Cruz’s Classic Wrestling Championship, seeking to become the first undisputed MO/IL Heavyweight Champion in over two years.

Gary got trapped in an Indian deathlock late in the match.  Jackson would not submit.  To inspire the crowd’s faith, he chose to recite his “rules” while in the hold.  After a minute on his belly, it was apparent that Jackson would not escape.

Rule Number One: I came out to win!…

-Gary Jackson

There was no “Two.”  Gary Jackson lay unconscious on his face.  He had passed out from the pain.  Jackson was helped out of the ring after the match.  He was unable to put significant weight on his legs.  As of writing Wednesday night, Gary confirmed he will be able to wrestle this weekend.

Enter Big Dave Osborne and Brandon Espinosa.  Osborne still retains his King of Cable trophy to cash in a title shot.  The junior heavyweight champ, Espy is gunning for “Gorgeous” Jackson, too.

The South Broadway Athletic Club hosts wrestling this Saturday, the 16th.  Regardless of his opponent, will Gary Jackson make it out in one piece?

The 50 Greatest Professional Wrestlers of All Time

By Ben Simon

“The 50 Greatest Professional Wrestlers of All Time: The Definitive Shoot” is now on sale at Amazon.com.  Regularly listed at $19.95, you can order now for just $11.73.

This book has substance.  There are no hidden agendas; there’s no merchandise to push.  Justification?  You’ll have 466 pages of reasoning behind the rankings.  Larry Matysik crosses all promotional and time boundaries.

This is one to read.