South Broadway in HD? Say What!?


Fans have clamored for a prominent online experience from their favorite wrestling promotions for years.  Most feel that MMWA-SICW is just not up to par in the Web realm.

“They’re too old; hell, those South Broadway dinosaurs are stuck in the Middle Ages!,” Joe Schmo complains.

Well, Joe, we agree to an extent.  However, never forget that MMWA-SICW is the only wrestling outfit from here to Kansas City (and further than that out east) to have a real TV show: Wild World of Wrestling.  Even non-fans in St. Louis have tuned to DHTV Channel 981 by accident and seen South Broadway wrestling.

Nevertheless, we hear your gripes.  That’s why this site was made.  It’s also why we will now shoot in high definition.

This Saturday, we will have our first real test run with the camera at the SBAC.  By the new year, MMWA-SICW will have a gameplan for the new YouTube version of Wild World of Wrestling. Don’t worry about the traditional public access show; it will remain on the air.

Our YouTube show will include full matches and interviews from our live events in 1080i HD.  And friends, no promotion from here to Kansas City will do it like this!  See you at the show, Joe Schmo.

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