New Champions, New Championship

The future is here.  Then again, “The Future” is gone away from here.

Last Saturday, Gary Jackson made good on his word to dethrone “Future” Donovan Ruddick for the MO/IL Heavyweight Championship (earlier that day, Ruddick got screwed out of his HWC title in Rantoul, Illinois).

The veteran Jackson gave it his all; there was to be no screw-job here.  The end came when Ruddick was belly-up on top of the “Gorgeous One” going for a lazy pin.  Suddenly, Gary grabbed Ruddick’s close arm and hooked Ruddick’s far arm with his leg.

He pulled the massive Ruddick over until his shoulders touched the canvas.  Referee Bobby Patton counted three and the crowd erupted like never before.

Chants of “Gary, Gary, Gary” reverberated through South Broadway as Gary hoisted the MO/IL Heavyweight, Battle Royal and brand-new TV Titles on his shoulders.

As he said he would last month, Gary surrendered his Battle Royal belt to Commissioner Keith Smith.  Jackson is still a double champion.

Also on the card, Brandon Espinosa defeated Johnny Courageous… and this time, it was for the junior heavyweight crown.

Never fear, however, because the super Courageous Johnny won the newly vacant Battle Royal title in the main event.

As for Donovan Ruddick, he’s headed to Florida Championship Wrestling.  He took the mic and addressed the crowd in what may be his last match at South Broadway.

“I have done some bad things to people.  I know, I know.  But I just wanted to thank all of you and I don’t know if I’ll see you again.  If you have cable, you’ll be seeing me around.”

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