12/11 Fallout: CWC on Channel 8

Jackson, Espinosa, Waco, Danny Boy, Hargas, Powers, Texan and Vaughn: these are the eight men who will participate in the Classic Wrestling Championship tournament January 22 at the ECCC.

The date will also be the first TV taping of the new SICW-exclusive show to air on Channel 8 in Illinois (Wild World of Wrestling will continue on 981).  For details, visit the “Television” page.

Seedings will be randomly drawn January 22.  The winner of the single-elimination affair will be the first Classic Wrestling Champion.  To accentuate that “Classic” part, legend Larry Matysik will be commentating!

Many people have been inquiring on Travis Cook’s status after the double-arm DDT he suffered at the hands of Dave Vaughn.  Cook has been laying low since the beating last Saturday.

We’re not sure of his condition now, but we have sent him correspondence and hope to hear from him soon.

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