Three Matches Signed for This Saturday

The final event of 2010 will also be the biggest.

In a rematch from November 13, MO/IL Junior Heavyweight Champion Brandon Espinosa will defend against “The Wrestling Machine” Dave Vaughn in a 2 out of 3 falls match.

Last month, both men were counted out of the ring.  Look forward to a mat classic this time.

Herb Simmons issued a warning to Espy’s manager, Travis Cook: Interfere and you’ll be sorry!  Cook yelled back, “Oh, I’ll be sorry just like the other dozen times you made that empty threat!”

“The Crook” has a point.  Will Herb Simmons enforce his own warning?

A leather strap match is also on the card between Ron Powers and The Big Texan.  There will be welts, but these big boys are no welterweights.

When Powers and Texan meet, they tear the house down, literally.  Chairs fly, fans scatter and holes are punched in the walls of the East Carondelet Community Center.

New Unified MO/IL Heavyweight & TV Champion “Gorgeous” Gary Jackson has been named the enforcer referee for this brawl.

PWI’s 2009 Wrestler of the Year Mike Sydal will wrestle in MMWA-SICW for the first time as he takes on NWA Central States Heavyweight Champion Mark Sterling.  The title is not expected to be on the line.

You may have seen Sydal recently on Ring of Honor cards.  Sterling also is one-half of the WLW Tag Team Champions.

There is no way you want to miss this one!

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