Classic Wrestling Championship This Saturday!

On Saturday at the East Carondelet Community Center, an 8-man single-elimination tournament will determine the first-ever Classic Wrestling Champion (CWC).

The eight most talented grapplers from the region will compete and must come prepared to wrestle and win three battles in one night.  First round matchups will be determined by a blind draw at the beginning of the card.

Let’s take a look at the participants:

Gary Jackson is the Unified MO/IL Heavyweight & TV Champion.  After the 22nd, fans may be referring to the CWC as “Gorgeous Gary’s Third Belt.”  If Jackson wins, will Commissioner Smith make him relinquish one of the titles?

Brandon Espinosa is the MO/IL Junior Heavyweight Champion, as well as the only man in the tournament under 220 lbs.  Orphaned as the sole member of The Elitism, would Espy give up the search for a group after attaining personal glory?

Waco has not lost in months.  He was perhaps the least accomplished while in Travis Cook’s presumed-defunct stable.  Now that “The Crook” is out, Waco may prove to be an unstoppable brawler.  He is the computer’s #1 contender.

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Danny Boy almost regained his MO/IL title from Dave Vaughn in September.  However, Danny Boy suffered a wrist injury, ending the match.  He’s back after victories against Raze and Static.  He wants to be the inaugural CWC.

Chris Hargas is a top contender.  An all around good guy, “The Icon” qualified by putting away “Canadian Hero” Sean Vincent last month.  Hargas would love to get his hands on Texan or Waco in this tournament.  If he does, can he show restraint and advance?

Ron Powers is a legend.  Granted, when one thinks of “classic” mat skills, Powers is lacking.  However, this powerhouse has “classic” brawling skills.  Each blow from Powers will count.  If matched with The Texan, will he forget about the title at stake?

Dave Vaughn is a technician.  It took a chain-wrapped fist to make “The Wrestling Machine” a former heavyweight champ.  Equipped with the best spear in the midwest, Vaughn’s ground game is perfect for the CWC marquee.

The Big Texan is a destroyer.  He doesn’t care about belts.  He doesn’t care about fines.  If he gets you outside the ring, prepare your head for a crash landing through a wall.  The challenge for Texan is to not get disqualified.  Then again, would he even care?

There will be additional matches outside of the tournament to allow for rest periods between rounds.

Larry Matysik will be doing commentary in post-production for the first Wrestling Explosion on Charter 8 in Illinois.  The matches shot this Saturday will air on Wrestling Explosion.

It starts at 8; you don’t want to be late.

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