Danny Boy Hawkins is the King of “Classic” Wrestling

Danny Boy Hawkins defeated Brandon Espinosa in the final of the Classic Wrestling Championship tournament on Saturday.  He is the first Classic Champion.

Going into the night, only 5% of local fans thought Danny Boy would go all the way.  An astounding 70% flooded the poll in favor of Espinosa in the field of eight.  After intermission, it seemed that Espinosa had the upper hand.

Danny Boy had to wrestle all three of his matches.  Espinosa received a second round bye via Dave Vaughn and Gary Jackson going to a painfully short 10 minute limit draw.

Hawkins planted Espy’s head into the canvas with a DDT that looked as if it was meant to pry Brandon’s head off his shoulders.  Jim Harris counted to three.

Hawkins invited his two daughters into the ring.  “These are my real champs,” he said.  Hawkins then gave an emotional speech.

“Aside from being dad, there’s nothing that compares to this… to all you people who come here to watch and support me.  Without you, I wouldn’t be here.  I will defend this thing and try to make you proud.  The next thing I want is for everyone to come up and grab (the CWC belt) because you’re all a part of this too.”

As you see above, that’s exactly what the fans did.


  1. Congratulations to Danny Boy Hawkins. He is a true champion of classic and current wrestling. I have had the honor of not only wrestling against but training with Danny and he is a class act.

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