Espy-Ace-Static for Junior Heavy Crown

On Saturday at South Broadway AC, Brandon Espinosa will defend his MO/IL Junior Heavyweight Championship against both Ace Hawkins and Jaysin Static.

The match was made after a title eliminator last month between Static and Hawkins went to a time limit draw.  Tony Casta decreed both men should get the shot.

These three have met in this format once before.  At Hillsdale City Hall, Brandon was scheduled in a singles affair with his protege, Ace.  Static came out and demanded to be inserted into the main event as well.

Static was injured within the first two minutes and had to be carried out.  In the end, it was Espy who had his hand raised.

Now, things may be different.  The unstable Jaysin Static is a dangerous man but should stay inside the ring to avoid injury.

The popular Ace Hawkins has improved leaps and bounds since September.  The Fort Collins, Colorado student takes aim for his teacher, Brandon Espinosa.

As for Espy, what else can I say?  The man has won an overwhelming percentage of his matches.  His few recent losses mainly come from battles royal and other contests with multiple participants.

Join us in Soulard tomorrow night for this and lots more.

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