Webmaster Note

SICW has ceased its working relationship with me, its former announcer and webmaster.  As a result, this is no longer the official web site of Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling.  There is no official web site for SICW.

The implications are that SICW events will no longer be featured on St. Louis Wrestling in HD (on YouTube) and SICW events will not be promoted on the front page.  This is not my choice.

My baby is St. Louis Wrestling in HD.  The production value on the local level is unmatched.  The YouTube channel “StLouisWrestling” is the most viewed indy wrestling channel in the Midwest.  There are reasons for it: good wrestling and good production.

For the sake of continuity, the schedule, rankings and results will still be updated.  At this time, nothing has changed regarding the MMWA.

I wish SICW good luck with their new TV and event formula.  I send out a big thank you to Herb Simmons and Larry Matysik, who mentored me and gave me my first gig as a ring announcer.

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