Rhino Comes to Broadway! A Triple-Header!

“The War Machine” will come tearing through St. Louis Saturday.  Former NWA Heavyweight Champion Rhino will meet Mark Sterling in the main event.  Sterling won the drawing for the right last month.

The “Kansas City Killer” Sterling has been studying videos of Rhino, surely to acquaint himself with the Gore, Rhino’s explosive spear.  Sterling has been conditioning five days a week to beat this national star.

The now-independent Rhino has been going around the country, demolishing top stars in each region.  Sterling, the #1 Heavyweight Contender in the unified rankings, is hungry to grab that national spotlight and shine it on himself.

Also on the card, Gary Jackson defends the MO/IL Heavyweight Championship against the returning Phil E. Blunt.  Blunt challenged “Gorgeous” Gary last month, reminding Jackson that Blunt was never pinned to lose his title.

Finally, young Dave Vaughn puts his TV Championship on the line against “Thee” Brandon Espinosa.  This should be a grappling masterpiece (but if Espy has his way, look out for a knockout punch).



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