Espinosa: I Want Gary Jackson!

Wrestling returns to South Broadway Athletic Club August 13th. Champs Jackson and Espinosa are expected to appear.


Brandon Espinosa is #329 in the 2011 Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500 ranking.  The TV Champion is not satisfied.  Espinosa is regularly heralded as one of the best grapplers in the Midwest.  The TV Champion is not satisfied.  Espy has captured almost every MMWA championship there is to capture.

Yet, the TV Champion is still unsatisfied.  There lies the issue: he doesn’t have the MO/IL Heavyweight Championship, currently held by Gary Jackson.

After defeating Dave Vaughn for the TV Title two months ago (with a subsequent defense against a game Ace Hawkins), “Thee” Brandon Espinosa feels a match with Jackson is the logical next step.

Over the past several weeks, Brandon has taken to blowing up the MMWA’s Facebook page with brash declarations:

I’ve defeated ROH and TNA stars Jimmy Jacobs, El Generico, Jay Lethal, a 500-pound monster known as Mississippi Madman.  I’ve ended the career of A.J. Williams, hold four championships, and have become tomorrow’s superstar… I have held every MMWA singles championship (except one).  I am demanding a heavyweight championship match against Gary Jackson.  I’m not wrestling until I get Gary Jackson!

Executive Producer Tim Miller responded with agreement for Espinosa’s wish and stated that title shots for the next several months are being scheduled.  Miller did not explicitly grant Espinosa a title shot.

Gary Jackson has been the MO/IL Heavyweight Champion since December 4th and has defended against The Big Texan, Mark Sterling and Sean Vincent.

One Reply to “Espinosa: I Want Gary Jackson!”

  1. Don’t deny the inevitable! I am the best in the Midwest. I currently hold 4 championships (Pro Wrestling Epic Heavyweight, Pro Wrestling Prestige United States, Independent Wrestling Alliance Unlimited Club, and your Wild World of Wrestling Television), have a guaranteed title shot at another, and just wrestled for the number #1 contender spot for OVW’s Heavyweight and Television Championship in 1 week. I am the top ranked wrestler by PWI in this area that is not signed to a global ranked promotion, the Nose Bleed Seat’s topped ranked wrestler in Central Illionis. I am the most suitable poster child of this company; I am young, handsome, and have all the talent that most do not posses in that locker room. I am not going on my 4th decade of being a professional wrestler, I am just barely ending my halfway mark to a decade yet I have traveled and gained more experience than most of the “veterans” have. Everyone is sick of the Gary Jackson era at MMWA and in Saint Louis. It is time for a change. Let Gary pass that torch you have given him for so long. Let him pass it to your next MO/IL HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, and let “The Elitist” BRANDON ESPINOSA Era begin.

    Meet my demands or face the consequences!

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