It May Be Choppin’ Time for Espinosa!

The Lumberjacks stopped the assault on Gary Jackson on December 3rd. They inspired the match to happen on January 21st.

Saturday night, the South Broadway Athletic Club locker room will be empty because every wrestler will be ringside for the main event.  It’s a lumberjack match.

Gary Jackson will defend his MO/IL Heavyweight Championship for the third time against Brandon Espinosa.  If either Jackson or Espinosa finds themselves outside the ring, the collective roster will throw them back in the ring.

Hopefully, this time we will get to see a conclusion to one of the hottest feuds in MMWA history.  The Big Texan (dressed as Santa Claus!) interrupted the last title match December 3rd and attacked the champion.

The Lumberjacks (Abe & Gabe Hall) stormed the ring to aid Gary and clear Texan and Espinosa from the squared circle.  Inspired by the flanneled tag team, Commissioner Keith Smith declared a third title encounter for January 21st.

So far, Jackson has garnered two disqualification wins against Espy in this series (although the first one should have been a no contest).

Understandably, Brandon was livid when Phil E. Blunt cost him his first title shot.  But even though The Big Texan spoiled Espy’s second shot last month, Espinosa joined the masked man in stomping a grounded Jackson.

It begs the question: Is Brandon Espinosa worried he can’t beat “Gorgeous” Gary Jackson?

(UPDATE: Due to a family issue, Lumberjacks Abe & Gabe will not be appearing.)

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  1. Ben, you have got the answer to that question on tape. I have already beaten Gary Jackson. Sure a few months ago, when Phil E. Blunt interfered, I was upset and didn’t realize the potential situation I was thrown into at that very moment and left Gary Jackson to be in the ring. When Santa…errr…the Big Texan came out and interfered in my match, I realized what I could do; the same thing I had set out to do, end Gary Jackson’s career. So instead of sitting there and looking dumbfounded by the situation again, I joined Big Texan on the beat down of Gary Jackson but just like every MMWA show, the older, slower (talent, scratch that, wrestlers, scratch that too) people of the locker room came out to stop the younger talent from shinning and getting their time.
    Come this coming Saturday is not about the war between Gary Jackson and Brandon Espinosa; it is the war of the Newer, Younger Generation of Wrestlers against the Older, Slower Generation of Wrestlers. It is for the guys who are getting over looked and thrown to the side because others just don’t understand when it is time to step away. The older talent sees a guy like me, 24 years of age, 2011 MWR Wrestler of the Year, #329 in the PWI 500, traveling all over the country to wrestle, wrestling for Impact Wrestling’s developmental promotion Ohio Valley Wrestling and they think they can steal my spotlight because they are “better” than me. The truth is they just wish they were me because they amounted to nothing in their long, dragged out career while I have accomplished so much more in my short career, and while they continue to drag out their’s, they are taking away the spots for the younger, hungrier, and better talents of the locker room like Ace Hawkins (PWI Rookie of the Year), David Osborne (OVW Wrestler), LaMarcus Clinton, Max Archer, Bill Murray, and Jonathan Zulu (Debut this Saturday).
    This Saturday will not be a lumberjack between the good and the bad, it will be a lumberjack match between the Old and the New. I will lead out my army proud and standing strong as Gary has to drag out his just like they will have to drag him out after I beat him an inch from his life.

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