It Happened!

Brandon Espinosa pins an unconscious Gary Jackson to win the title.

Brandon Espinosa is the MO/IL Heavyweight Champion.

It happened last night at South Broadway in a lumberjack match.  After an argument between Ricky Cruz and Dave Vaughn broke into the ring and the match, Vaughn speared the daylights out of Jackson.

Espinosa landed a thunderous frog splash onto Gary Jackson.  Referee Keith Smith Jr. counted three as “The Great One” lay motionless, unaware of what hit him.

A riot nearly broke out as fans and wrestlers alike were outraged.  However, most of what Espinosa refers to as the “under 30” crowd were on their feet, wildly cheering on their man.

There was no time to celebrate, though.  Espinosa quickly retreated to the locker room to avoid the volatile atmosphere.  Before he walked out of the main room of the SBAC, he made sure to hoist his two belts above his head.

In the battle royal that followed, Big Dave Osborne clinched the Battle Royal Championship.  Osborne and MO/IL Junior Heavyweight Champ Ace Hawkins were both Espinosa’s training students.  In the back, Brandon made a revelation.

“The change is here.  We (Hawkins, Osborne and myself) hold all of the singles titles now.”

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