Hail to Chase King, Baby!

The new TV Champion, Chase King, will be in action March 10th. This screenshot is the moment following his title win last month.

St. Louis native Chase King knew he was wrestling Max Archer February 11th when he walked into the locker room at South Broadway.  What he didn’t know was that he would be leaving later on with the TV Championship.

Brandon Espinosa held the MO/IL Heavyweight and TV Titles, which was one too many for Commissioner Keith Smith.

“Here in the MMWA & the SICW, you can’t hold more than one belt at a time.  I decided that King vs. Archer would be for the vacant TV belt,” Smith explained.

While that rule has been waived in the past, it worked in King’s favor last month, after he put the Georgian down with a jumping flatliner.

Will Chase be able to run with this opportunity and campaign for a more prominent status in the region?  We may just see at the “Tim Miller Birthday Bash” this Saturday at SBAC.

Note that no matches have been made official as of this post.

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