Dave Vaughn: Nice Guys Finish Last

Dave Vaughn is aggressive as of late.  No one ever condemned a pro wrestler for being aggressive, but it appears that “The Wrestling Machine” has gone too far.

Dave Vaughn choked Ricky Cruz unconscious following their match on January 21st.  Today at South Broadway, Cruz seeks his revenge in a no disqualification match.  Ricky Cruz is undefeated in singles matches, but he’s dealing with his most dangerous adversary yet.

Once a fan favorite, Dave Vaughn was heralded as an all-around good guy, as well as a technical master.  Slowly, “The Wrestling Machine” as we knew him, fell apart.

In November 2010, Vaughn lost the MO/IL Heavyweight Title to Donovan Ruddick after an intense match.  He never received his deserved rematch.

In March 2011, Vaughn defeated Gary Jackson, then the heavyweight champ.  Vaughn was awarded the TV Title and a shot at the big one looked promising.  It never came.

“I won every title here.  Ever since Brandon Espinosa won his (MO/IL Heavyweight) Title, I’ve been pushed aside and I don’t like it.  I’ve been the “nice guy” for quite a long time… what has it gotten me?  I never got my rematch for that belt!”

If one inspects the psyche of Vaughn, he will find a jealous and angry man, now willing to do whatever it takes to not just rise above his competition, but to take them out of the competition.

In a no disqualification match, this is the scariest thing for Ricky Cruz.

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