Ace Hawkins on WWE Pay-per-view!

Ace Hawkins tells the crowd in Chicago why he and Hatton will defeat Ryback.

Ace Hawkins surprised St. Louis fans last night when he wrestled a match at Extreme Rules IV in Rosemont, Illinois.  He teamed with Heath Hatton to take on the massive “Ryback” Skip Sheffield.

The PWI Rookie of the Year, Ace took the microphone before his match to convince the crowd that the duo was the real deal.

“For the last several weeks on SmackDown, many men have tried to make a name for themselves in their first-ever WWE matches and they’ve all fallen flat on their faces!  But no one superstar stands a chance against two at the same time, especially us two.”

Hawkins delivers a signature leaping forearm attack on Ryback.

The math still wasn’t in their favor.  Ryback was dominant.

Any time a local competitor makes it to a national or worldwide stage, we salute them.  Congratulations, Ace.


  1. I actually diss agree, this in fact will make him have a big head because he wrestled one match for the WWE. Now he will turn into another Brandon Espinos!!!! And the show doesn’t need another one of them.

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