Journeyman Max Archer Upsets the Champ

When wrestling returns to South Broadway this Saturday, a new MO/IL Junior Heavyweight Champion will wear the belt.  Courageous?  Vaughn?  Espinosa?  A young Keith Smith?  Absolutely not.  Unbelievably, Max Archer is the man.

Archer has said he doesn’t care who he wrestles tomorrow night.  No matter, they will know why he’s the top dog of all competitors in the area at or under 220 pounds.

On April 14, Archer challenged reigning champ Ace Hawkins in a match that was only made that same day.  Archer dumped Hawkins on his head with a running Michinoku driver for the pin.

One could make excuses for Ace: his pending WWE tryout, his past unblemished record against Max, or a number of different items.  The bottom line is, on this night, Max Archer just wanted it more.

Archer sent a note to after his upset title win.

My win over Ace Hawkins was to prove a point that I am, without a doubt, the most amazing wrestler in St. Louis or anywhere.  I told everyone ‘Max Archer is gonna be champ.’  You can take this to the bank; Max Archer one day be the next world heavyweight champion.

Archer is deserving of his first title win for sure, but he’s also dancing with delusion.

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