Big Dave Osborne is “Mr. Over-the-Top!”

Osborne smashes LaMarcus Clinton onto his knee for a punishing backbreaker.

The Battle Royal Champion is the best at throwing men over the top rope.  After all, it is how one wins the match.  For Big Dave Osborne, it has become an obsession.

After each match, Osborne continues his assault and finishes his opponent off by pitching him (where else?) over the top rope to the floor.  There goes Wilder, there goes LMC, there goes Verdadero…

When Big Dave Osborne is introduced, he demands that “Mr. Over-the-Top” precedes his name.  To some, this may seem a little Over-the-… excessive.

Big Dave sharpens his skills at Ohio Valley Wrestling, TNA’s developmental territory in Kentucky.  Recently, Osborne traveled to Pennsylvania to train with Ring of Honor stars.  “Mr. Over-the-Top” is not getting any easier to beat.

Last month, after Big Dave won his match, he told the Broadway fans that he was a shoo-in for the King of Cable Cup this fall:

On September 22nd, I guarantee victory at the St. Louis King of Cable Tournament.  I am the number one reason you fans come out to South Broadway.  No one will stop me on my eventual reign as MO/IL Heavyweight Champ.

The King of Cable debuted last year (Espinosa won the trophy).  It was decided immediately that the KOC should become an annual event.  With a strong field including all the singles champions from Missouri, the winner is awarded a heavyweight title shot.  It can be redeemed within a year from the win.

The field for the King of Cable on September 22 has not been finalized.  When it is, you will find it on this site.

You can see Big Dave Osborne in action tomorrow, August 11th, at the South Broadway Athletic Club.

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