Three-Way Saturday: Can Gary Survive?

Brandon Espinosa (center) keeps an eye on Dave Vaughn (lower left), who eventually cost Espinosa his title shot here against Gary Jackson. The three meet for the title on July 14.

UPDATE (7/11/12): Brandon Espinosa has sent word he will not compete on Saturday.  No decision has been made regarding the match yet.  Below is the story as it was originally posted.

The most-anticipated match of the year happens Saturday, July 14.  The MO/IL Heavyweight Championship is on the line as longtime favorite Gary Jackson defends against the brash Brandon Espinosa and unstable TV Champ Dave Vaughn in a three-way dance.

Gary Jackson, at age 51, showed Espinosa that the Gorgeous One’s time was not over when he forced Espy to tap two months ago.  Fans had high expectations for Brandon’s title run and many were surprised it ended so abruptly.  Someone had better get Gary Jackson a grill with his name on it.  After all, his longevity in the sport has made him the “George Foreman” of independent wrestling.

The lights have been shining brighter and brighter on Brandon Espinosa recently.  The Ohio Valley Wrestling standout has been making waves in TNA’s developmental league, winning his last three with the Kentucky-based group.  Considering this, can the impressive rebel keep his focus set on the richest prize in this territory?

“The Wrestling Machine” Dave Vaughn is the only Grand Slam Champion in the 27-year history of the MMWA-SICW coalition.  Perhaps most remarkable about this feat is that Vaughn is just 24 years old.  David is once again under the management of the Travis Cook Organization.  Fortunately, Cook has yet to reappear at the South Broadway AC.

Dave Vaughn has inserted himself into this feud by virtue of appearing at ringside the last couple times Jackson and Espinosa have gone to war.  After interference in June, “Gorgeous” Gary Jackson had had enough.  He proposed the three-way, a match he initially introduced to South Broadway.

This is also the annual “Christmas in July” card.  There will be gifts, drawings, and maybe even Santa himself.

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